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i just saw this specail on A&E about breasts, and while they certainly did NOT tlak much about breastFEEDING
i just thought i would put out there the possiblity of wearing push up bras and padded stuff. it is somehthing i never thought i would ever consider. i was 34 B before baby, now something like a 34C but still nursing whilst slowly sagging....

i got some very slightly padded bras and LOVE them. i got the padding primarily cuz i have big nipples and was sick of being so nipply, but also to stave off leaks cuz i am finally leaking less, and am sick of dealing with nursing pads. but the added bonus is the padding looks very natural and fills my breasts out where they are "no more" and i dont feel so bad in a tank top or whatever.

on the Breast show, they showed all these big boobed women on the beach that secretly used pading and fake boob inserts that bounce and move like real breasts. i dont know if ill go so far ever to get the fake boobs, but i just realised that i really wouldnt mind getting a wonderbra for certain outfits. nothing extreme, but just to make me look a little rounder and better.

this post is longer than i intended, but i think you should give something like that a try, like a nice bra. i know its not the same as having actual nice shape, but at least in public you can feel "prettier" i guess.

i have a sharpei stomach so i feel your pain. i wish there were a way for me to hide THAT thing!
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