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Nothing to do for 6 days??????????????

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Well, the kids finally went to see their dad again. Hadn't called them in 4 weeks, and then just out of the blue. "Hey can I have the kids for a week or so. Oh thank you can you bring them down tomorrow." I am upset because I meat his baby sitter that he had for them while he was working, kinda, his job lasted 3 days :p He doesnt know I met her. We kinda ran into each other at a yard sale and were showing pictures of our kids. I just got in the cuttest pictures and I wanted to show them off. I was showing her the pictures and she was "Oh, thats Chrystal, thats Autumn, and thats Dakota" How do you know my kids??????? Well, we started talking and she watched the kids 6 out of the 9 days that he had them last time at night, so he could go to THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!! She even had pictures of my kids, but she gave me the double. She said she was saving them for my ex, but she knew I would want them more than he would :p She said she didn't do it for my ex(watch the kids) so he could go to the bar, she said she did it for the kids. My kids don't have many friends where we live now, so they don't get to play with kids except at the park. They get so excited when they go over to someones house that has kids. I kinda feel better though. I hate to say it, but I would rather her watch the kids than my ex. I know that sounds selfish but I know that she takes better care of them then my ex. She has 2 little boys. They are so CUTE. And she takes care of them very well. I have a little relief knowing who is watching my kids now. Well, 6 days....... what will I do? My bf works all of the time, but luckily he has off 2 days so we can just spend time together. Normally on his days off he goes to the park with us, or takes us all out to eat.
Well, I know my kids are happy. I didn't tell them I was taking them to their dad's. I packed their bag after they fell asleep and put them in the van. The next morning I asked them if they wanted to go for a road trip. They said ya. Well, its a 4 hour drive. The who way my oldest..... "Where are we going. This is the way to my daddy's isn't it. Momma, are we going to my daddy's. I know we are because this is the way, I know it." Well, I wanted to keep it a surprise, so I told them that it was just a road trip, that we might go to St. Louis, or Kansis City. Well, the kids were so happy when we finally got there. Well, enough ranting from me. I don't have any kids to take care of, so I need to go find something to do??? I might go curl back in bed and stretch out. House all to my self.......... Just don't know what to do
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Enjoy your time. Do some things for yourself.

I hope everyone has a good time. 6 days can be really long, and yet, it's also nice to have a break.

I hope you find some fun things to do!!!
wow enjoy your kid free time
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That sounds like it must be a relief to have met the kids babysitter!

As for all that time...ah, tough one! It's nice to get things done you can't otherwise, but also hard to not have little ones around. Also, well, I know in some of your other threads that you weren't really sure how happy you were with your sitation or how sure you were of the future...maybe it'd be a good time to really think and plan and define what situation you and your kids should live in?
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