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Nov 05 Mamas, shake your APRIL groove thang here

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And so on and so forth.

Yesterday was my daughter's very bad day. To sum up:
1) Her pet ladybug passed on from this world into the ladybug heaven.
2) We don't go to grandma's house because grandma is having phantom chest pains that turn out to be chest wall inflammation.
3) A random, wild toddler attacked her in the library and made her fall down and bonk her head. And he didn't even say sorry! (he's nonverbal)
4) She tried to go to a open-to-the-public star party with dad to stargaze with a bunch of nerdly astroscientists, only to be stood up by the astroscientists, who are actually probably studly and out on the town hooking up with the ladies. Courvoisier, anyone?

Yeah, so when your life looks crappy, just remember how it is to be six and so not in control of anything in this world. And then your ladybug up and dies.

In not-so-pitiful news, she has discovered the evil banality of teasing. She puts food in front of her brother (which she knows he can't have but wants badly) and smiles at him. That is just so...wrong. Yet in a very sick way, I am proud of her. She couldn't be that "good" all the time without it doing some serious damage internally.

In happier news, we are going to Victoria BC this weekend, where we have tea and visit museums and just get away from the never freaking ending dirty freaking dishes. A dirty dish hiatus, if you will.
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Pssssssst. The pink panther flies at midnight and giggles at nipples! And then uses lots and lots of antibiotic hand sanitizer.

Am I in, am I in??
Well then, nevermind all that, I shall move it over to the OTHER super secret April thread.
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Oh man! poor baby Xeowyn! That sounds horrible!

I clean my house before people come over. I invite people over once a week just so I'll do it. Many of my friends have tried to sell me on the beauty of hired help, but I will not succumb.

But thinking of something to make for dinner every night and packing lunches and doing the dishes, which seem to multiply when I'm sleeping, and my husband even helps with - well, that's just something I really need to not think about for four days or so. Weekends are the worst. We end up eating a lot of crap, take-out or frozen.
My only news is that I already made an April thread for us!
It got bumped back to page 2.
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Well, send us a linky! And then I'll dissolve this thread so Zjande and I subscribe to yours. I didn't see at link to a new one on our March thread, so I made one. Ooops!
So, maybe I'll just be a little pest and post on both April threads. Which one are we supposed to go to? I totally agree with you mamas about the dishes. But no one mentioned the laundry, OMG! I have decided to just let the house go and clean up once a day, if I have the energy. With two little ones it is VERY hard. And Zande you are sooo right about quality time being more important than how the house looks. On another note... when I went to get Amanda for her 3am feeding she had rolled over back to front! Yay! She has been rolling front to back for a few weeks now, but she finally mastered the back to front roll. Yay Mandy! If you can believe this she is already trying to crawl. She does that military crawl thing and I find her half way across the blanket. I put the toys out of reach on purpose... mean mommy!
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