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Nov/Dec '02-- June Thread

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We're nearly a week in, I figured it was time. :LOL
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thanks for starting the thread rynna

we got a sand box, but need to get sand now. any ideas on the best kind to get? do they make sand box sand?

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last year we got the cheapest sand they had at home depot kinda yucky more like small gravel.

this weekend we went to the evil toys r us to get a pool. they had 50 pound bags of 'washed' sand for $5.00. It was there and easy so we got it laughing about buying washed sand...... well we were amazed! it is beautiful. looks like they imported this sand fromthe caribean. so soft and yellow.
sand is generally sold in two grades, landscape and play. they have regular playsand at walmart for about 2 or 3 a bag. probably not as nice as the toys r us. the ink on the walmart bags gets on my hands. but my kids move it everywhere and i never have enough. i probably should just buy a load one day. ONE DAY, after i get settled with taking care of this pool.
we are going on a family vacation next week so i'm trying to get done what i can with the house so when we come back it doesn't bug me. it's our first real vacation in four years and i'm trying not to stress about doing everything on credit cards. i know we deserve and need to do this. but weird with twenty dollars in the bank and bills due next week waiting for this weeks paycheck. i swore that if i ever took over the bills, a task that my dh has guarded until last month, that i would not act as badly as he did, panicking about money. deep breath.
ruby just seems big these days. she's shredding everything with the scissors, have i told y'all that already? all her horsey ponies have buzz cuts and my floors are constantly littered with shreds of paper. i can't blame her, i love scissors too. just got to get her cutting into vessels. though i found i had to pick horsey pony hair out of the salsa i made yesterday i guess i'll have to inspect bowls more carefully before i use them. i'm actually at a point where i'm hiding from her because i don't want her to see things that can be done and deal with her creativity. makes little sense i know. like i did not cut the new cucumbers off the vine until she was inside. and i want to finish painting the front room, but i can't do it with her awake and i get too tired at night. she has already defaced my latest mural without suggestion.

i've got purple speckled and wax snap beans, cherry tomatoes, english cucumbers and cornichons ready. just happy that no one has picked the big green tomatoes. last time i really grew some three years ago my boys picked the entire first flush of plump green tomatoes and threw them into a pool. loving the aroma of green coriander, my cilantro gone to seed. it is already extra mosquitoey and hot these days, enough that homeschool park days are unbearable. makes free roaming play kind of difficult. but hot enough for me to want to make pho.
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Casina-- BeanBean went through that cutting stage a few months ago. I felt like I lived in a snowglobe for a little while. :LOL The worst part for me was pulling little scraps of paper out of BooBah's mouth.
She would follow him around like a little vacuum cleaner, sucking up the shreds of paper that he dropped. :LOL It was nuts.

I'd kind of like to build a sandbox for the kids. Maybe next month.
Does anyone here have an indoor sand/water table? How do you keep the floor underneath it from being a sandy, watery mess?
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wouldn't work for my family. my kids like to dump things out and take it places. i've had them play with dried bean and rice and such in the kitchen in a wide plastic bin. they always figure water will make it more fun and raiding the refrigerator is better. and they fetch every container they can find.
you could make a frame for a shallow plastic bin.
I found myself folding a babydoll outfit today while I was doing laundry. Julianna took it off her baby yesterday and must have thrown it in the dirty clothes basket! Silly little Mama! :LOL

Casina, your post about Ruby made me think of what Crystal did after she saw us painting our house. We have one of those toys that jingles and jangles when you push it around the room, kind of like the popcorn popper thingies. Crystal had it up on the wall, pushing it like a paint roller, up and down the wall... She's deaf, so she had no idea how annoying the sound was, but it was awfully cute that she was trying to "paint" just like us! Yesterday DH was heating up some turkey dogs and Julianna yelled for him to "ope" the refrigerator, and she grabbed the ketchup out of the door for him. It just shows how tiny everyday things you do are being watched by the little ones!

And Julianna says "kay" for yes. Very rarely she will say "jesh", but most of the time she'll answer "kay!" It reminds me of Ruby's word, Casina... I'll say "Julianna, are we going swimming at Grammy's?" She'll say "Kay!"

We have tickets to opening night of Phantom of the Opera tomorrow! I can't wait to go! Although I would like to make a whole date of it- go out to dinner beforeheand- but DH will meet me there after work and we'll have to go straight home from the show to pick up the kids and put them to bed. DH has never seen it, so it should be very cool!

I don't feel pregnant yet. No sickness (knock on wood). I think this one is a girl because the symptoms have been very different than with my first pregnancy... I had implantation spotting this time, cramping around the time my cycle would have started, and a faint pink line on the + test, whereas with Zachary I had no spotting, no cramping, and a very dark line. Who knows if this one will "stick", but if it does it might be a little girl. DH wants a girl soooo bad (he already has two boys), but I kind of want another boy, just for the room sharing factor. But of course I'd be happy with a daughter! Zachary is pretty enough as a boy, I can just imagine how cute a little girl will be... Awwww....

My little sister is 39 1/2 weeks pregnant and miserable. She lost her mucous plug last Thursday, she'll have some contractions and then they'll stop again. On Sunday night we brewed a gallon of raspberry leaf tea and she took evening primrose and blue cohosh. A few hours later she had some very painful contractions, but they stopped after about an hour! She's 2 cm dilated, but I guess the baby's just not ready yet... I have no tricks left up my sleeve to jumpstart labor! She's been walking a lot, but she won't have sex because it's too uncomfortable. So
? Playing the waiting game! I'm supposed to videotape the birth, so I'm hoping she goes into labor at a time when DH is home to watch the kids!!!

Carrie, how are you doing???
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i took razi to the dentist to check out the chipped tooth today. turns out he has lots of decay on the backs of a few front teeth and "pits" in a few back teeth. So they want my to schedual a general anathesia appointment at the hospital for 'cleaning it all up'. uhgg. well i'm not going to do that but i need to figure out something. what a drag...
Yes, I wonder how Carrie is doing. Hmm...

Sarita, that's a tough one. You'll probably get lots of input on the dental forum. I'm feeling like I need to schedule a dentist appt. for Mukti. Were you able to see the cavities yourself?

Casina your garden sounds lovely. Do you pickle the cornichons. That caught my attention.

I gave Mukti a very short haircut a couple of weeks ago. Very short. Any remnants of his babyhood have all but disappeared into the solid little boy he now is. Still when I visualize his actual age I realize that 2.5 years is still very much a baby in the context of things.
Part of me wants to buzz BeanBean's hair just because *I'm* hot, but I know that's not a great reason. :LOL I'm trying to let my hair grow out because Mike really wants me to, but it's so freaking hot it's getting on my nerves and I'm not sure if I can stand it.

Sarita-- I'm so sorry to hear about the dental issues! It's enough to make you nuts!
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hey yall, nice to see a june thread

dentists are scary.. i hope that he copes well and you too.. if you give him arnica before and after, that will help him heal and cope better..

all is well on the west coast.. its wet, but whats new..
we are going to get to see jazanna and haeven and samaya this weekend hopefully, which will be sooo nice..

my belly has officially popped out . i took a 17 week picture if any of you are interested. my head is cut off.. its silly but i had to take it of myself and its harder than it looks... (its in the belly pics album)

decembersun, i felt great perfect fine the first 6 weeks.. i did kickboxing 2wice a week for the whole first month and a half before i even knew i was for sure pregnant :LOL but then it hit.. yuck! i finally have my energy back and appetite and all that stuff
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hi everyone-
i had to relay this happening from today:

we went on our usual walk down the road to see the cows, and today a younger cow, i guess still a calf although i didn'trealize it was that young, was nursing! it was the greatest thing to watch. the calf kept switching back and forth between the teats, just like our little ones do sometimes. the mama was so patient, and just allowed the little one to keep at it as long as s/he wanted. very sweet to watch.

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not enough cucumbers to pickle. i don't grow massive quantities. though the kids are not interested in the beans which is a bummer. may end up pickling Them.
teeth and destistry is a big issue for me. ruby's teeth are worn almost to the gum for the top two front. surrounding teeth are slim and looking bad as well. i've been waiting for obvious persistent complaining since they seem to be at the nerve.
clay got me into the teeth thing. reed's had some flouride staining but nothing crazy so i just avoided the dentist like the doctors. well, when i was dizzytired pg with ruby and dh's back was bothering him, right before he got hurt, clay had thrush and i had put some gentian violet on me and when i changed a diaper i saw some on his front top tooth so i rubbed it with my finger and next thing i know i have half his tooth in my hand. of course it was friday at 5:15.

aack ruby is up rest of story later.
so this is where you all are :LOL

Fern, nice belly

Mariah still doesn't have enough hair to cut. With the scary cavity stories here I am also wondering about taking her to a dentist. I really don't know if she would be very cooperative though. She doesn't even like to have dh or I look in her mouth.

Leah, I think I feel like your sis does. I'm feeling very ready, just waiting for this little one to be ready too. I'm 38 1/2 weeks along. Have been having lots of rushes that die off in a few hours. Need to drink more tea I guess :LOL dh and I have been dtd like crazy, knowing that we won't have another opportunity for awhile after this little bug is born.

casina, hope you have a lovely time on your family vacation
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Originally Posted by MamaFern
decembersun, i felt great perfect fine the first 6 weeks.. i did kickboxing 2wice a week for the whole first month and a half before i even knew i was for sure pregnant :LOL but then it hit.. yuck! i finally have my energy back and appetite and all that stuff

You know, it's absolutely fascinating to me how different pregnancies can be. With BeanBean, I was having symptoms and issues from about 4 days after conception. I was sick and exhausted about a week after conception (thought it was from my diet at the time), and already unable to eat and generally blechy. When I found out I was pregnant, I kept thinking "but I can't be pregnant, I'm too sick... pregnancy is *normal*, and I feel like death warmed over..." :LOL

With BooBah, if we hadn't been actively TTC (and, therefore, paying extra close attention to fertility signs) then I probably wouldn't have realized I was pregnant until I didn't get my period for several months in a row. The earliest issue I can remember is sciatica, which popped up around 15 weeks. :LOL The entire BooBah pregnancy was so easy and relaxed, especially compared to BeanBean's, that I suddenly understood those women who "love to be pregnant." :LOL I don't know if it had to do with her being a girl, or the second pregnancy (I'm inclined towards the latter) but it was so much easier to carry her.

It's just fascinating to me how many variations there are, though. I wonder why they're all so different, not only between women but for the same women in different pregnancies.
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Mamafern- wow look at that belly!
Until about 6 months all i did was unbutton my top button on my pants. you couldn't really see i was prego until almost 7!

Rose, i only could see some decay along w/ the chipped tooth. but with the right light and a little mirror we saw alot more, it's all on the backs of the front teeth.
really tho if it hadn't been for the chipped i wouldn't have even taken him in for who knows how long.

Carrie, thinking about you too! the end waiting was so hard and just seemed like it was never going to happen.

Casina, hope your vacation is fun. i understand the finance thing, my trip to seattle was like that. i just stayed too busy to think about it.

Rynna, i'm just praying my next pregnancy is like your second then!! (i have awhile to pray too :LOL
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sarita, i wasnt this big at 7 months with elwynn i dont think.. its kinda scary.... :LOL im enjoying having a pregnant belly though!

carrie, ive been thinking about you tons too!
thanks for thinking about me everybody
I really need to show y'all my last belly shots, but they are from 35 weeks and I want to take some new ones first and then show them all.

Rynna, I have been wondering the same thing, this pregnancy has definetley been different from teh first. Although at this point my brain has turned into oatmeal so I cant cite specifics. I swear i barely feel coherent at times.
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Well, my sis had her baby yesterday morning!

Dominick Edward, 6/9/05, 7lbs, 12oz... I got to videotape and take pictures, it was so beautiful and awesome. She did great. She got to the hosp. at 8cm dilated, I dropped off my kids and rushed into town to get there with the camera, 10 minutes after I walked in she started pushing, 45 minutes later he was born. WOW.

He's nursing pretty well despite having to latch on to inverted nipples. They don't stick out, not even 1/2 an inch, so he has to work to get on there. But he's doing it! I wanted to make sure he was nursing well before I left the hospital yesterday, but I had to leave to make sure I was home in time for Crystal to get home from summer school. I called her as soon as I got home to check on them, and she said he had just finished nursing. I asked "Did the nurse help you?", and she said "No, I just used my motherly wisdom." :LOL I am SO proud of her!!! She was discharged this evening, and went over to my mom's since her boyfriend was at work, and my mom (who is a registered nurse and breastfed three kids) is trying to get my sis to take a nap, and she's offering to feed him a bottle.
: I was like "Hello!!! He's already having trouble, what are you thinking???"
But luckily Lupe didn't want to leave her newborn babe for a second, even with our mom, so no bottle today.
We just have to keep Grammy away from Baby for another month or so... Sheesh!

I didn't ask if they had circ'ed him yet, but as far as I know they were going to have it done. I did my best to convince her not to, I even showed her the video clips they have online of the baby screaming and trying to shake it's way out of the restraints...
But at least I won her over with the breastfeeding inssue. She's only 19, so she was a little concerned about trying breastfeeding and "liking it", but now I think Dominick has convinced her it's worth it!

Anyway, I am feeling great- lots of energy, no MS (kncok on wood)! I hope I don't jinx myself since I keep saying how wonderful I feel, but it's awesome! I even took another pregnancy test today because I don't feel pregnant at all
: ... I was already sick by now with Zachary. I'm not complaining, it's just weird!

Hope your little one comes soon, Carrie.

(I like smilies today, can you tell?
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glad you are feeling well leah!
and fern too. and of course carrie.

my little one seems to be going through a big change. she has had some night terrors a few nights in a row, and some cry-full awakenings, as if she is not having pleasant sleeps.
and is very sensitive during the day- more then ever. if she does not get waht she wants, she has a tantrum like response. this does not always occur- i gues smostly when she is tired, and will not listen to the words i am saying. anyway, it is very sad for me, as i feel like i am doing something wrong, or being a bad parent.
i tried to have today be all about "yes"'- so that she would feel very affirmed as supported in what she wanted to do. i always try to do this, but made more of an effort to put asside what my needs were so that hers were met.

anyway, it has been challenging.

hugs to everyone.

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