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Nov/Dec 2003 (Oct. 15-Nov. 1st)

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OMG!! i just realized that some of us may be having our babies before this thread is over!!
how awesome is that!!!

i'm having a boo-hoo moment...i listen to talk radio, and the big topic of the day is that Terri Chiarello (sp?) having her feeding tube removed.
It made me think of what I might do if my child were in her place. I really sympathize with her parents. I've also been thinking about what i would do if DP were that ill. Such a sad situation. I pray i am never involved in such a situation.

sorry to bring things down
let's start having some babies around here already!! LOL
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I can't believe that we are so close to our months! Wow! That went fast but slow IYKWIM!

I had my prenatal today, and it went much better than my last one. Baby is head down in a LOA position and everything else looks good. DH and I finally finished our birth plans this evening. We have a simple one for the midwife attended home birth and a much more extensive one in case of a hospital transport. How are you all doing in the birth plan area?

I have been having a killer tooth ache!
I'm not sure what to do. Should I go in and get x-rays at 30 weeks, or should I wait it out until after the baby is born? My mouth has really gone down hill during this pregnancy. It must have something to do with the 5 months that I'd throw up when ever I put a tooth brush into my mouth. (now, y'all know that I brushed anyway, just not as well as usual
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Isn't it amazing how time flies...... just the other day it seems I was waiting for

Then I tested like every day for a week..... :LOL

I had a baby shower yesterday at work, it was fun and I got some lovely things, a bunch of the girls decided to buy me disposable diapers (?) I'd told them I was planning on cloth - strange, but anyway, I have something like three HUNDRED disposables.... I guess I'll use them, during the night and on outings......
All the "Boys" at work chipped in and bought me the most beautiful bassinet, the one I had my eye on.... the Safety 1St Toile rocking one... its lovely, I just had DH put it together for me and its really big.
I got a beautiful pink boppy pillow - with roses on it, its lovely, and then a TON of baby clothes, I did tell the ladies I had a bit in the tiny size, so I got a lot of 3-6 and 6-9 month stuff which will come in handy.
I came home with my car cram-packed, and I have had this excited feeling ever since.

My midwife home visit is next week, I've been cleaning and sorting out - throwing out, all day, my feet are killing me......
But I still have that excited feeling...........
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Sizzkid, I think you should go on into the dentist. It is okay to do dental work while pregnant and can actually be dangerous to postpone it...Infections can enter the bloodstream and travel to baby. I've gone in while PG before and they did an exam, repaired what they could see, and scheduled an x-ray for after the birth. Maybe they could do something similar for you. But even if they need to do x-rays now, they will put 2-3 lead aprons over your belly and focus the rays on your mouth. Baby will be safe. (I've accompanied my daughter for her x-rays during two pregnancies.)

Chelly, enjoy the loot!
I had a huge baby shower with my first, but nothing last time or this time. I've always wanted a Blessingway, though... And I think you can return the diapers to any store that carries them and either get cash back or store credit. That's what I'd try.
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who thinks we should keep our group together in the "life with a babe" forum?
I do!! I do!!! I would miss you girls too much!

I remember your bout with M/S...i had the same problem with the tooth brush, too. you poor woman. I don't know what to tell you about the x-ray...maybe you should just call the dentist and get his/her professional opinion on it, then call your MW and ask her, too. Maybe they can do something other than an x-ray???

Chelly~~i've been excited too lately, but mostly nervous (1st baby :binky) and even depressed at times, which is really weird. Like pre-partum depression. I get all emotional about how my life will change, and if my relationship will change with DP...I worry alot.

OK~~i'm stopping all the sad crappy stuff....

is anyone in labor yet????
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get all emotional about how my life will change
Me too!
I'm starting to get a cold again. The left side of my nose is so stuffy.
Gotta get to bed so I can get some rest and maybe not be to tired to drive to the drs tomorrow.
Nighty night
Hey, thought I'd check in.It's about 4 am,I'm having my usual"tea"as I like to call it.I cannot sleep past 3:30 for anything, and of course, after tossing and trying to turn(lol
)I get hungry, so I have a bit of whatever I can find.Today I am lucky,I made a big apple-raisin pie yesterday, so I'm having a big ol chunk of it mmmmmm
Sizzkid-I have a wisdom tooth that started comming thru right when I got pregnant, and now it is one big cavity,I am trying to hold off until babe is a few weeks old at least, and then I'll go in and have it removed, and any others I may have.My friend had a similar experience,and was able to nurse with I belive lidocaine they gave her?not sure now, but I plan to look into various pain releif options, and so on...Good Luck!If nothing else, we will nuse thru a drug then go thru a homeopatic detox together.
I am also "due" the first week of Nov. The 6,actually, and ds's birthday is the 4,and his party is the 8th!I'm hoping to have it either in the next 9 days or a week or two late....ds was late almost 2 weeks and dd was about on time,so who knows?
I keep looking at the
,wishing I could go in and snuggle back up with dd,but I know I'd be up in 2 min. anyway.
: I think I'll browse the boards...Have a great day, ladies!!!
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Hello Everybody-

Just checking in. I'm not able to keep up with all these posts!

Things are going well for the most part. I have been exercising a lot more - going to a pregnancy swim class which makes me feel super strong and healthy. Of course, I still have trouble resisting ice cream...

My iron count is really low so I have been taking Floradix, eating lots of iron rich foods. I hope I can get the levels back up.

Tuesday I found out that one of the students in my German class is in the hospital with Tuberculosis. I was never in real close contact with him- I sat next to him one time - but everybody in the class has to go get tested. They said we would have to get chest x-rays but of course that isn't possible for me. I went to my doctor yesterday and they wouldn't do a skin test like they do in the US. They took blood instead, and today I have to go find out exactly which hospital the guy is in and how serious his case is, and then go back to the doctor. Scary stuff.

I haven't been doing much nesting. I did buy a few heavy winter clothes for the baby the other day. It gets really cold here. I'm dreading the winter weather.

Well, it is lunch time here. Have to go scrounge up something for the two pickiest kids in the world.
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hey y'all

woke up early for us this morning to a happy 2.5 yr old babbling in the family bed, but things quickly turned down hill from there. is anybody else still nursing? it's not like i have anything to give her, but she wants to nurse allllllll the time. i think she was hungry. i tried getting her to go to the potty first, but that got her really mad. she did go, but was way PO'd about it. then she just wants milk milk milk milk milk milk and i don't think it's solving _whatever_ her problem is.

anyway, i didn't really post to complain, but to tell y'all with dental concerns to check out the dental forum. i've gotten some good advice there. y'all check it out.


p.s. if you're trying to up your iron, remember to combine and iron rich food with a vitamin c rich food. it increases the absorbtion.
I'm so tired of being SICK...... this nasty cough just won't go away, last night I hardly slept, I'm exhausted........

I wake up so congested, and coughing, it takes me about 2 hours and then I feel ok till its bed time again.....

Any ideas on what will help? I don't want to be sick any longer, I want to enjoy this last leg of being pregnant (as if the regular aches and pains aren't bad enough)
Originally posted by Christy1980
is anyone in labor yet????
I'll wait till the next thread!! LOL

(Nov 1 - 15th)
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Whew, what a week. I'm feeling good, a little tired. Getting things done at work, to my great relief.

My good friend who was due October 7 (?) had her baby on Tuesday! It's been fun being pregnant with her - we took the Bradley classes together. I can't believe she actually has her baby now. A beautiful boy, big and healthy, and the whole family is doing great. I visited the hospital yesterday, and it was amazing.

They ended up doing some of the things they hoped to avoid - epidural, pitocin, c-sec. On the one hand, it was encouraging to see that they went through a very challenging birth with back labor and interventions, and came out happy and healthy and smiling. They'd had plenty of time to make decisions about things, and she said she never felt like she lost control of the situation. They did so well, and I'm very happy for them.

On the other hand, late last night I had doubts about my own labor: will I be able to handle this, when it's my turn? Every birth is different, but what makes me think I'm prepared, what makes me think mine will be easier? Is it nuts to be looking forward to labor? Is it nuts to try doing this at home? Should we have rented the birth tub? Is it too late now? Should I get the B Strep screen or will that just complicate things? I don't know what I'm getting into. sigh.

DH is great - so encouraging to me. I'm not attached to one way of having this baby, and we have options if unexpected things happen. It feels so real and so imminent now! I look forward to it being behind us.

Still undecided about road-tripping 4 hours to my cousin's wedding I'll be 37 weeks. After last night I want to go even more - my whole family will be there, and I want to see my Mommy! DH would rather lay low at home. There's wisdom in that. We're running short on pre-baby weekends, and we have plenty to do (including sleep!). But I might need a fix of family-style support. We'll decide tomorrow.
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Originally posted by panda

On the other hand, late last night I had doubts about my own labor: will I be able to handle this, when it's my turn? Every birth is different, but what makes me think I'm prepared, what makes me think mine will be easier? Is it nuts to be looking forward to labor? Is it nuts to try doing this at home? Should we have rented the birth tub? Is it too late now? Should I get the B Strep screen or will that just complicate things? I don't know what I'm getting into. sigh.

I think we all have those doubts. I've had two babies already and I still don't know if I'll handle this...... I want it to go slowly, well slowly in the beginning so I can get "used" to the feelings. (Both my labors, and both of my sisters started with contractions 5 minutes apart, which doesn't allow much time to rest in between)
My daughter was born really fast 7 hours, and with my son I was in labor for 8 hours with NO PAIN (yep, not one little twinge at all - i arrived at the hospital 4cm and still giggling, even the nurses didn't believe I was in labor till they checked me) I went in for a c-section because he was footling breech.... With my daughter they had to use the suction thingie because my contractions stopped, but I think that was due to the fact they were telling me NOT to push when I wanted to because the stupid doctor wasn't there yet - how LAME. I am sure that if I am left to listen to my own body, I'll be just fine!!!!
Nice and slow, no noise, and in a darkend room.......... thats how I picture it.
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One of the midwives came for my appointment yesterday... She confirmed my suspicion, that baby is posterior!

I haven't had that experience before, it worries me a little. I don't want back labor, and I want my back pain to go away.

I bought a yoga ball to sit on, am leaning forward a lot, and am supposed to be on hands and knees twice a day, doing cat stretches (arching my back) to encourage the baby to move.

Other than that, the baby is healthy and I am healthy... As far as nesting goes, I am wall papering tomorrow and painting next week! lol I am having a baby shower on Sunday, after that I will wash clothes and get everything else ready.
Sagewinna-mine is also posterior-with the shoulder down!Extra bad news.BUT I have been doing at least 100 pelvic rocks or cat exersizes before I lay down for any period of time, and babe has been making big movements,so hopfully it is adjusting.I keep thinking "look at my tailbone,little one".It feels like it's working.
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New set of posts, dang where does the time go?

Doing well here. I go to my midwife appointment this afternoon. It shouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.

I have been in denial for a lot of this pregnancy. I keep telling everyone that I probably will have this baby at the end of December. The funny thing is,it is a real possibility I could have him around my actual due date Dec. 11th. Ok (not to freak out) but that is only about 8 weeks away!!!! I am so not ready.

Dental stuff~went to my dentist today and they found one major cavity. He wants to fix it before it abcesses, because that could actually be worse for the baby. If it were me, I would definatly not hesitate to go to the dentist. I would just make sure they put two lead aprons on you and you should be fine.

Posterior babies~the bain of my exsistence! Has anyone gone to the chiro for it? They can give your hip an adjustment that might put baby into correct position. I am going to a chiro right now for hip pain and she plans on before birth working on me a couple of times. Just a thought.

WW~We really don't need two pictures of me, I mean really, how much belly do you need to see? Plus the stretch marks, ugh! Will you keep the newest picture up and remove the other? Thank you, your such an

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Okay KindRedSpirit, I'm joining you on those pelvic rocks! I did them faithfully w/ dd and she was engaged by 34 weeks
This little however likes to lie transvers and then move breech!

Things are going pretty well for me. Huge chocolate cravings though
My bp is in god standing cross fingers! And no swelling, yippppeeee!!!! W/ dd I was swollen i know by this point.

We finally figured out the bed situation w/ dd. We are getting a bunk/loft bed that you can position the matress in different spots and it's a twin
so we can lie down w/ her. A toddler bed just wasn't wide enough.

I'm nesting big time and getting ready for this homebirth! I'm so exicitied. I get the final go ahead from the mw on my 36week visit. I feel kinda bad for my cats though b/c we soon have to kick them out of our room to have a pet free room. I understand totally why we have to, but they are my boys! Sorry guys, LOL.
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We really don't need two pictures of me, I mean really, how much belly do you need to see? Plus the stretch marks, ugh! Will you keep the newest picture up and remove the other?
I will do that after I post.

I gained 5 lbs this time around! I now weigh the same as I did when I had Jonathan at 38 1/2 weeks.
My bp is fine. She said my belly measurement is fine too.
Jonathan started dancing just a little when we listen to Angelica's heartbeat. when she was done he took the wand and put it on his own belly, so we listened to his hb for a min too.
He was such a good boy all day. That helps so much since I get stressed thinking about the drive and all.
Now i'm down to the 2 week appt.
33 weeks tomorrow. I have to take a new picture of myself......

352 visits to our album! Wow, that a lot. I had cleared the numbers once or twice in the begining too.
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I think Jessica dropped this morning. I was watching Good Morning America and Jessica was pushing against my hip with her head as usual, then there was this big flurry of movement and my belly contorted in all sorts of weird ways and suddenly the pressure on my hip was gone but boy did I have to pee! I've felt more pressure down low today, but nothing on my hip bones like I have had. I keep thinking that the first week of November would be the best time for ME if she decided to come early. Sunday is Mikayla's 9th birthday, the 28th is dh's birthday, and I really really really don't want a halloween baby. Late October is just so full already. I'm being whiny and selfish I know and I also know that she'll come when she's good and ready so there's no use worrying about it. 35 weeks tomorrow, I can't believe we are getting so close already......
Panda~~i totally know how you feel! this may sound wierd, but i have been watching animal births.
i like watching them b/c animals just do it, ya know? they don't moan, they don't act scared, they don't flip out and start yelling at their DP's about how they are never having sex again, etc. Animals are so tranquil and determined while laboring and birthing. it makes me feel like, "if a cat can do it, I can do it." watch "that's my baby" on animal planet. they have cats, dogs, even killer whales giving birth.

Sherri S.~~I've had that "dropped" feeling for afew days, too. and if i push on my tummy from the top, i can feel the baby's head bump my cervix!!

one of the girls at work brought in her 6m/o DS today, he is soooo cute! he is always smiling, too. he seems like such a happy baby, even cutting his first tooth he has a huge grin on his face. i hope my baby is that happy!!

ok, so no one's in labor yet,
but i was just hoping some of us could catch up with Aurora, LOL!!! I can't believe she already had her baby! if anyone has a link to her birth story, please post! I'm curious to hear what happened!!
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