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Nov/Dec 2003 (Oct. 1st-Oct. 15)

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i thought i would start a new thread tonight since the other one is getting long...10 pages!
and it was taking forever to load.

i finished painting the baby's room. YAY!! i put together a shelf that took freakin forever...DP still has to hang it for me. hung some more baby clothes...i still haven't put my glider together. After that shelf, i didn't feel like messing with any screws anymore. I wonder what i should tell DP when he asks for one later? LOL!!!!

good night ladies!
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Hi, I haven't checked in in a while, although I read about all of you daily.

To join in the discussions...

I'm 28yo and am almost 36 weeks PG. My EDD according to the professionals is Nov 1, so I should be one of the first to go, huh? I haven't gone to the Dr since 30 weeks, but will be going in this Thursday because I want the GBS test done. I'll update then. This will be my last appointment unless complications arise.

This is my third baby, and (don't shoot me) I'm feeling great! I attribute this to yoga, regular exercise, and genetics.
I haven't been exercising quite as much, but am still at about 4-5 times a week, 30-45 minutes each time.

I'm pretty much ready for this baby. We moved recently (into a nasty foreclosure that needed LOTS of work) and in the past month I've gotten the bathroom and both bedrooms painted. DH should finish our front door this week, and we should get the heating system operational this weekend (I hope). Baby will cosleep for at least a couple years mostly likely and will not have his/her own room, so that's not an issue. I've got the baby clothes and diapers washed and sorted and my birth supplies ready and waiting (except for cord clamps and clippers which are on their way). I'm really excited for labor and birth.
Oh, and I found out that one of the mamas in my playgroup had an unassisted birth with her son less than 6 months ago and it was really neat to talk about it with her.

My DD (3y8m) has spent almost every night in her own bed (as opposed to the family bed) for more than a week and DS (18mo) hasn't nursed in a week.
Lots of weaning going on here.

Zaq/Jenny--Sorry if you've said before, but what would happen if you refused further testing? Would your mw drop you? Could you find someone else? It would be hard to have such a strained relationship with someone who will have such a personal and important role at such a crucial time in your life. I hope things get better.

Ummnuh Care to share your recipe for breakfast cereal bars?
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Christy~ Get dp to put the glider together.....
Chelly~ I hope you get to go on leave soon. Sounds like a very stresful place for you to be.

I have barley done much of anything to get "ready" for this baby.
Bassinett's(I have 2) are in the basement. Most of the clothes are hanging but not yet washed. Nightgowns and onsies are in a drawer but need to be washed. I still need to look through Jonathans baby clothes to see what I can use again. She doesn't have her own room(what does she need that for anyway?) so I don't have to paint anything. I was thinking about buying a changing table so I didnt have to give up my dresser to put the changing pad on but I have an old dresser in the basement(mine i've had since I was a teen) that I will have dh bring upstairs. It has 3 good size drawers too that I can put her diapers and what not in.
I think my daughter will be like her mother. When I get angry I like to kick things. Tonight I was barely leaning up against the stove and she kept kicking it! Not a good thing by the way, I have a very bad temper.

I put a new pic of Sherri on the website last night and a new one of Chelly tonight. I like the new ones.

My son just went to sleep for his father after I layed up there for 1 1/2 hours. I wasn't gone 10 mins and he went to sleep.
My turn to go to bed now.
Good night ladies!
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I haven't been exercising quite as much, but am still at about 4-5 times a week, 30-45 minutes each time.
Where are you getting all this energy to exercise?????[ How much were you doing before???
I haven't attempted to exercise like that since my early 20's!
I am glad tough that someone is feeling well!
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WW--Since the ms let up at about 16 weeks, I've been exercising 5-6 times a week, 45+ minutes each time. The past couple weeks I've backed off a bit, though. I honestly think that the exercise gives me more energy than it takes... I know it sounds weird, but it's true. While some days I may feel low energy, by the time I get done exercising I have more energy than when I started. In addition, I eat well, and nap with my kidlets almost daily.
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I haven't done anything to get ready for this baby yet. Of course I'm only 29wks - so I still have some time.

I did get my 21mo old potty trained, and she has been in just undies for about 2wks now. SHe does wear a pull up to bed. I know bad CDing mommy. I just didn't want to put her in diapers and I haven't found a good cloth training pant/overnighter AIO that could hold up.

Next is getting her to sleep in the toddler bed. I'm gonna wait to do that in a couple of weeks.

I have been so busy with twice a week NST, Once a week BPPs, and regular OB appts. My dad is also in town and we have been out nearly everyday. I'm definately fried!

Anyway, just checkin' in.
Oh it would be a joy to have the energy and time to excersise daily - or even take a nap every day....... darn it, where are those disability papers.
I really need to excersize, I'm sure it would help my back problems, just by loosening up the muscles etc.......

Oh well, I just stopped in to make sure I get on the new list and get emails......... I've got to get dressed to go to work (isn't getting dressed an excersize in itself?)
Whit--It took me a moment to DECIDE whether you DESERVE my recipe, since you're making us all look bad here
...but here is what I did. Let me tell you, there's very little "out there" in this vein. Everything I found online had outrageous amounts of sugar or corn syrup. Anyway, I looked in my Joy of cooking at an oatmeal cookie recipe for approximate measures of eggs, dry ingredients and baking powder. Then I threw in handfuls of other stuff. So, I think I used about 3.5 C quick oats, 1 C whole wheat flour, 2 eggs, 1 tsp baking powder, 3/4 C brown sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 stick light margarine, a handful golden raisins, a handful chopped dried apricots, some coconut and about 3/4 C leftover, gone-stale granola. I think that sounds right. I formed them into patties, baked for 10-15 min at 350.

These turned out well, so I moved on to a second kind, using natural honey-peanut butter (1.5 C?) and a little vegetable oil (liquid, not shortening) with the same approximate dry ingredients and eggs, no margarine, plus a couple handfuls trail mix and a squirt of honey--2Tbsp? I liked these even better.

I apologize for my lame "recipes," but I am notorious for throwing food together and my friends at home know better than to ask for recipes. I really came into cooking in Morocco, where no one uses a recipe. Homes have no measuring devices, and cooking/baking is learned solely by practice.

Chelly, I cannot BELIEVE someone would attempt to FORGE the CFO's sig! I'm a little surprised she didn't get walked right out.

It's off to work now with me--Ds's cold medicine is kicking in, I think, and so is my coffee (don't tell!).
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Ds's cold medicine is kicking in, I think, and so is my coffee (don't tell!).
I won't tell if you dont!

Casmi~ Potty training a 21mo is a lot of work!


I honestly think that the exercise gives me more energy than it takes... I know it sounds weird, but it's true.
I believe it!
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Originally posted by UmmNuh
Chelly, I cannot BELIEVE someone would attempt to FORGE the CFO's sig! I'm a little surprised she didn't get walked right out.

No kidding, I am not sure if she was told to just sign them herself, that could be, but you'd think if that was the case she would have signed her OWN name......

I doubt I'd hear anything if she got chewed out, but I really hope she DID........ and next time she comes with something for me to do, I'm sending her to my supervisor, my supervisor is a PAIN in the @ss as well, she never even ASKS my side of the story in ANYTHING - my other supervisor used to do that, and 9 times out of 10 she would support me. This new supervisor has only been at the company for about 6 months, so she's still trying to please everyone but apparently NOT her own staff. You'd think she'd listen to those of us who have been there a LOT longer, I know who these people are who continually try take chances, and at some point you just HAVE to stop doing favors for people and let them BITE the crap.

Every day at work is a nightmare for me, more so since last week when we had a big disagreement (the super and I) and finally SHE went to the Manager cause I refused to do something, and then the manager agreed with ME...... needless to say, I think the supervisor felt really STUPID. (and so she should! - you'd think she would pay more attention to what I say!)

Oh well, not long to go (my new MOTTO)
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Hi guys,
My post today is going to be depressing. I'm sure some of you have heard about the Jensens here in Utah they are seeking alternative care for their son that might have cancer and the state is trying to remove their son to force chemo on him. Refusing to acknowledge that alternative therapies are treatment. I also noticed an article on sex advertising to children & teens on Mothering home page. This kind of news is so depressing to me sometimes. I feel like the world is against everything I hold dear. I don't want my kids exposed to sex and I want to be able to treat them medically in a way I feel is right. AND my family is backing out of their support on my homebirth plans. I am a midwife and I have had 2 previous homebirths. I only have one sister now that is offering emotional support. I won't even talk about how my mother is feeling about it. My other sister whom I am also close to is giving me dire predictions that my baby is too big and going to get stuck and I'll bleed like last time and how do I dare not do it in a hospital. This from a girl that had #7,8&9 at home! Her last was traumatic being that the baby was 11+ pounds and had shoulder dystocia and dislocated her mothers hips. She knows I support her no matter her decision no matter whether I agree or not (she will have a planned C-section if she has another baby) and I feel I should have the same support. I don't know why my sister feels the need the impose her fears on me. I just want to crawl in a hole and have the baby by myself with my husband. I have an appointment this week with my midwife and will get moral support there. And we are living with my sister that is supportive until we close on our house. I am not planning to have anyone at the birth except this sister and my midwife and I know it is going to make my family crazy as they were at my last 2 births which was wonderful. But I can't birth in the midst of this new negativity. When we move into our house I have debated about not giving out our phone# until after the birth. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to deal with this situation and also how to not to let the news affect how I feel? We do not have a TV partially because news is so upsetting to me. Sorry this is so long and such a downer.
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Emilyrosechild-I'll pm you my phone # and we can boost each other up,i too live in ut and have quit t.v. for the very same reasons!We are home birthing too.Who is your mw?Ours is Cathy O'Bryant.Also,tell your sis My friend(Vivian G.,you may have heard...)had a happy 12 +lb baby at home a few mo. ago,at 3 weeks "overdue".

We had a mw appt Monday,all is good,still not certain position on baby and another "joke"twin hint!!!"Maybe there's another one behind this one toward your back."...AND,I can't belive I have oNE visit left in two weeks ,then the home visit, and then the birth!!!!!I can safely go into labor in a mere two weeks!!!YIPES!!!!!!!I am prepared, but not READY!I have too much else going on...At lest I won't have time for the anxiety of late pregnancy.

As far as physically holding together,i could nap 3 times a day,and I feel like whenever i get up,or move ,my pelvis takes a step or two to catch up with the rest of me!
I'm in Utah too! I'm inbetween you and KindRedSpirit.

Originally posted by KindRedSpirit

As far as physically holding together,i could nap 3 times a day,and I feel like whenever i get up,or move ,my pelvis takes a step or two to catch up with the rest of me!
:LOL Same here! It's good to "see" you.

I hope you can get out of there soon.

Something crazy is up with my pelvis. It HURTS so bad! Right up from my vagina. Rolling over makes me gasp and I have to walk with my legs as close together as possible. Tiny steps. UGH!!! It never felt like this with my other two.
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What a day! Dh started getting sick Monday, finally made an appt. with the doctor this morning - he has a major sinus infection, fluid behind both ears, was given an antibiotic, new allergy medication, and a referral to an allergy clinic. He decided to stay home today to rest (meaning I have two babies to take care of today) DD came through all her testing with flying colors and was doing great until last night and I think her allergies are striking back too. She's cranky as a bear, can't decide if she wants to be held or just left the heck alone. She crawled up on my lap saying she wanted me to hold her, not 5 minutes later she was squirming and whining to let her go. I just can't do anything right with her today. I took mil with me to the grocery store (mainly to distract dd while we shopped) and got some chicken and veggies so I can make some chicken soup for all the sickies. My oldest dd is struggling with her allergies, but still went to school. Came home to unload groceries and dd starts screaming she wanted macaroni and cheese - get this now - at Nana's house! So I had to take her over to Nana's house, of course this isn't really a bad thing, now I can get a little rest since I didn't sleep a wink last night. Dh slept on the couch - his snoring was just too much last night. DD slept (if that's what you want to call it) with me. She tossed and turned and wimpered and cried all night long. I'm doing what I can to stay well myself - I'm hoping that since all of their problems are allergy related that I won't come down with anything - but it's hard to take care of all of them when I can barely get around this belly of mine, and my energy stores seem to have sprung a leak.

OK, all done whining. I know it could be worse, I'll live. I feel a little better just whining for a minute

casmi - Potty trained at 21 months is great! DD is 29 months and except for nighttime I think we finally conquered it. I just hope she doesn't revert back once the baby is born. My mom said I did that when my little brother was born.

Chelly -
You are almost out of there, just keep reminding yourself.

Aurora - I hope the pain goes away, it sounds extremely uncomfortable. I've had low pains like that, although it wasn't to the point I had to take the tiny steps you mention. I got a pregnancy belt and it has helped me quite a bit. I don't have as much pain or as often. I just needed a little more support on the belly.
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Mine was crappy but nothing in comparison to the last few posts so I wont even mention it.

I hope all you ladies have good days tomorrow.
I hope things are better for your family tomorrow. Thanks for the sympathy. I think I'll look into one of those belts. I just hate to spend the money when I only have 7 or so weeks left. YKWIM?

to you too.
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The belt only cost about $15, but has been totally worth it. It has relieved my back pain as well as most of the other mystery pains I've had this pregnancy. Between the belt and the exercise ball ($11 at Walmart) I've been doing pretty good, painwise anyway.

Tammi - did your neighbors home remedy work on that cough? If dh doesn't stop his coughing I may hit you up for the recipe. He has such a loud annoying cough - I hate to say it, but it makes me cringe sometimes when he coughs, it's that annoying.
No Sherri, It didn't work. It didn't taste bad though, kinda soothing. She boiled in a small pan: water, cut up apple and the peel off an onion. Then added some lemon(in the pan) and a couple of teaspoons of sugur in the coffee cup.
i got some bad news today...i got a letter from the MW saying that they tried to contact me by phone, but couldn' 1hr GTT sugars were "high" so i have to take the 3hr GTT
and my iron is "really low," so they wrote me a script for iron and folic acid.

I couldn't remember which page/thread it was that we discussed diets before taking the GTT, so if anyone can help me out with what i need to be eating the days leading up to the test, lemme know!! i'm going to try to schedule it for Monday, (10-6-03). my next MW appt is Tues, (10-7-03). What can i do between now and then to make this test a good one? I remember somone said that 80% of women who test high on the 1hr test fine on the 3hr.....i know Tammi's came back fine....but I'm still freaked out!!!
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Oh, GD is easily control through diet, Christy. I have known several people who have done. It basically means you will need to eat a high protein & low carb diet while watching your sugar intake. It's not hard at all. Good Luck!
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