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Nov or Dec?

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OK, so I'm finally deciding to post in the Dec. club. My EDD will be Nov. 28 based on a 28 day cycle. I Oed on CD 16 though, so if you go by that, it will be Nov. 30. Since my DH is ALWAYS late, I'm just assuming his child will be too!
I am 6 weeks today based on LMP, but based on my own calculations I'm 6 weeks Thursday.

Getting the BFP did not go how I expected. I have had spotting off and on since I got it and that has my anxiety pretty high.
I got my hCG numbers yesterday, so maybe I'll be able to relax some now. They were 500 Friday, and 2000 yesterday. My first U/S is Thurday.

Wow. It feels pretty surreal to ba talking about all of this....

Oh, one more thing. This will be #1 for us and it took us 8 LONG months to get here. I was really starting to think it wasn't going to happen, but so glad it did.
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Congrats! Are you sure on that date though? I'll be 6 weeks Thursday, and I think I'm due 11/23ish.
You're 2 weeks pregnant on O-day, and my possible O-day was 3/2 (give or take a day or two). So at 2 weeks that day, I'd be 6 weeks Thursday.

Anyway, the math is making my brain hurt.
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Boscopup, Now I'm confused!!
I'm basing my EDD on my LMP, which was 2/21. I Oed on 3/8. I just looked at a chart that calculates your due date based on LMP. It goes by a 28 day cycle so I just added 2 days since I Oed on CD 16, not CD 14. I could be wrong though. Math is NOT my thing at all. My DH has his MS in ordinary differential equations though (whatever that is)!! Maybe I should have him figure out the EDD.

CarrieK: What part of Boston were you in? I'm in Jamaica Plain and I LOVE it!!
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Sounds like your EDD is correct, but you're not 6 weeks tomorrow as you thought.
If you O'd on 3/8, then you'd be 5 weeks today.

My DH has a minor in math (major in computer science), and he gets confused about pregnancy dating.
Took him the LONGEST time to understand that you're 2 weeks along the moment you conceive.

Two ways you can find out EDD based on O-date:

1) Subtract 3 months and 7 days from O-day
2) Count back 2 weeks from O-day, then plug that in as your LMP with a 28 day cycle (O on day 14).

Both of those methods *should* give you the same day, theoretically.
Of course, the way you did it sounds accurate to me too.
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Boscopup, You're right!! I guess I can't count!

I just got back from my U/S. They saw the gestational sac and yolk sac. Not too exciting, I guess. My midwife jsut wanted to rule out ectopic, so I can at least rest easy over that issue now!

Wow, only 35 weeks to go!
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