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After a year I finally broke and bought a Nutri-mill and I LOVE it. It was expensive, but I have had my fair share of inexpensive appliances that crap out on me. The Nutrimill sits right on my counter and it also holds the extra flour I didn't use up in that particular baking session. I'm in Canada and I found an online Canadian retailer and it didn't cost any more than buying/shipping from the States. I can't remember who I bought it from but if you do a search or even e-mail Nutrimill and ask who sells their products in Canada.

If you buy something cheap, that isn't easy to use or takes a little extra work it will get tedious and you won't use it. You also want something versitile. This machine looks like it will cause you a lot of extra work and to me that's pretty expensive for a hand mill when the electric is much, much, much better. JMO
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