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Novarel vs. Pregnyl ??? Help

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Today is my 14cd went in for a folicle check- only had one large folicle on 100mg of clomid (but thats ok- I will take one over none anyday)
I will be doing my trigger shot today-
10,000IU of Novarel.

My question is.... I have 10,000IU of Pregnyl unmixed already from when I was doing the HCG diet. My insurance does not cover the injections at all.

Can I just use the Pregnyl vs the Noveral??

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The hcG diet? ??? Yuck.

Um, yeah. Pregnyl and Novarel are both generic hcGs, they're interchangeable. I usually tried to get Pregnyl from my pharmacy because it was $50 and Novarel was $80...or the other way around, I forget.

I guess you've already done it, though, so good luck!
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