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November 2008 Mamas April Chat Thread

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Hi mamas! Hope you and your sweet November babes are getting all excited for springtime - I know we are!!

Of course, I was just bragging about how my kids NEVER get sick, and they hadn't been sick all winter, and then, of course, everyone gets sick - ugh!! Poor Isabelle got RSV and had to be on nebulizer treatments for a few days
She's fine now. My other kids all had some variation of the cold/ear infection/pinkeye deal, but I think it's all over now. And I am ready for Easter, and Spring!!

How is everyone else doing?
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I hope some of the mamas who have been MIA will check in!!

And let's post some recent pics, too! I want to see how big and adorable everyone has gotten!

Here are some portraits we had done, but they're a little outdated already (from Valentine's Day) so I'll have to get some current ones this week

Click here: View My Portraits
and enter my name: Kerri Klugewicz
and prepare for the 4 cutest kids you ever wanted to see
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oops, forgot to sub to the thread I started, LOL!
Awwwww cuuute kids! And I love the Gymboree outfits lol I could lose my 401 in that store.

Here's Zonnie's March album. I just finished uploading most of the pictures, and now she went and turned 5 months lol

She's turned into quite a demanding and whining baby. I think it is b/c all her aunts and uncles can run around and play, but she can't. She tries to pull herself up to walk, but she hasn't mastered crawling.
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Hey there mamas! Good to see yous again. Missing our DDC. WE too have been a bunch of sickies lately. Flu's colds, you name it! WE have been on breathing treaments and all sorts of other crap! I cannot WAIT for spring/summer to be here! Check out my siggy for pics. I update it ALL. THE. TIME.
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Originally Posted by Barbie64g View Post
Hey there mamas! Good to see yous again. Missing our DDC. WE too have been a bunch of sickies lately. Flu's colds, you name it! WE have been on breathing treaments and all sorts of other crap! I cannot WAIT for spring/summer to be here! Check out my siggy for pics. I update it ALL. THE. TIME.

Oh he looks JUST like his daddy! That's so cute!
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Originally Posted by claddaghmom View Post
Oh he looks JUST like his daddy! That's so cute!
I know right? When will I EVER have children that look like ME? I did all the work gosh darn it!
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Originally Posted by Barbie64g View Post
I know right? When will I EVER have children that look like ME? I did all the work gosh darn it!

Yeah well I got one who looks like me and I get the stupid comments:

"Oh, I bet Daddy wanted a paternity test!"
"Look, it's the virgin birth baby!"
"Are you the older brother?"

Meanwhile I am just thanking God she didn't get DH's nose lol. The u/s really made it look as if she was going to have it. On a boy, I would love it hahaha but not on a little girl!
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Oh my gosh what a bunch of cuties we have

And claddaghmom, yes, I looooove Gymboree - although now I'm relying on gifts from my SIL who loves Gymbo (since DH is still unemployed
) In fact, Izzy has those same striped pants that Zonnie has on in one of the pics! She hasn't worn them yet, though - hope the weather here finally warms up so she can!!

So what interesting things are your LOs doing these days? Izzy is not doing much of anything
She's one of the youngest of the group though, she just turned 4 months last week....but she's not even rolling over yet. Of course, that's because every time I lay her on her playmat or something, the other kids crowd around to "play with" her and practically pin her down!
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Hey peeps! Micah just today learned why rolling can benefit him. He spent all day rolling front to back, back to front, scooting around in a circle. Tons of fun! He is also boycotting naps. Naps are for pansies, according to him.

Bunch of cuties in the group.
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Hey there mamas! So good to see everyone!

Bundle, what a story! It was a bit of a reality check for me. My DH and his father run a drywall company, and there is NO WORK right now. His poor parents haven't been able to pay bills in months. They are actually owed money from past jobs where people have BOUGHT THE HOUSES AND ARE LIVING IN THEM! But there is no law in NYS that says the house can't be sold until the contractors are paid. Fortunately, DH also has carpentry trades, so he's been working for a friend. He's only making a little more then half of what he normally makes, but with my paycheck, we are still ok. (and its defiantly better then nothing at all) But I fear the bottom will fall out from under us at any moment. I just hope things turn around for this country soon. I hope your hubby finds a job very soon. Please let us know the moment he does! At least now you are back around friends. Support is so key! My heart aches for your poor babies having to go through this. Every time DH and I have an argument about money or stress, I try to bite my tongue as I really don't want it to effect my babies.

Charlie is still so little and at a very critical developmental stage. He moved up to the Toddler room at his DCP about a month ago. They usually don't move them until they are 18 months, and start just bringing them in for an hour or so every other day, to "warm them up" to it. Well Charlie didn't need it. That kid is going to be a social butterfly. He LOVED playing with the bigger kids. Wasn't scared AT ALL! He would get mad when they would try to take him back to the infant room! He sleeps on a cot for nap time……A COT!!! My little baby is sleeping in a daycare version of a big kid bed!!!! He sits AT A TABLE to eat, no more highchair. Of course we still do all this stuff at home because listening to his teachers and listening to mommy are two different things. Plus there aren't other kids around doing it for him to follow suit. He's singing his abc's now, or something close to it. He's communicating with head nods and shakes. I FINALLY got him to say MAMA. That one was killing me!
. And he's SO GOOD with his little brother. Always giving hugs and kisses. It's very sweet. He's in the 90th percentile for his height and 50th for his weight, so he is going to be a string bean like his mama was I think. He eats like a CHAMP!

Matthew is a different kid completely. Not only do they look different, their personalities are SO different. Matthew is a straight up mama's boy. If I walk out of the room he fusses. He's usually ok when I drop him off at daycare in the mornings, but at night, WATCH OUT. If he is not hanging from my hip, he's not happy. He's still EBF, which I wasn't able to do this long with Charlie unfortunately. But hes so much better at focusing on one thing, where Charlie was interested, (and still is) in EVERYTHING around him. We used to call him Nose Bomb, cause he just seemed so nosy! Matthew has just started using his hands and is bringing things to his mouth, and he is a TALKER! Making all these noises and sounds and so LOUDLY. Charlie never did that either. (for a while I was actually a little worried) Matthew also is infatuated with what we are doing when we are eating. Charlie never seemed to care that much, but if you are chewing, he will stair at you with such concentration. I haven't given him anything other then BM yet though. Gonna wait until he is literally grabbing things from us.

Well that's it from me. If you have read this far, Thank you. My life is pretty boring except for my babies, whom are my whole WORLD. I don't know how I got through life before they came along. Lol!

Birdie, I want to nibble on those cheeks until my teeth rot because she looks like she's just to SWEET!!!

Oki, I thought Matthew sleeping was bad. Charlie is a DREAM sleeper and has been for a long time, so its been tough working on such little sleep.

EMC, I had a similar experience with Charlie's first Ped, but not nearly as RUDE. I dropped his sorry behind and found one that is all for INFORMED CONSENT, which is absolutely your right.

For pics I update my siggy all the time. Hope all you ladies are doing well today! Spring is about here, thank goodness!
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Hi, Mamas!


Well, tax season is over, so now maybe I can regain sanity. And reconnect with my 3yo, who is driving me nuts!!!!!! Any suggestions?

DD, at 17 lbs, is an adorable chunk! She's SOOO calm. It's incredible!! She's thinking about rolling, but not doing it much. She is starting to scooch around with her toes, mainly when there's a toy just out of reach.

Ooops! Son is awake. Nice to catch up.

Hmm maybe we should do a pollll.....I wonder if being born in November correlates with a STTN baby, or a calmer baby??

My mom holds that theory herself. She thinks kids born in certain months acted certain ways lol.

And this might have some truth to it. Perhaps babies born in the summer time are able to enjoy the outdoors more and are more active? Perhaps babies born in the winter time get more snuggling and are calmer??

Oh! I didnt know there was an April thread already! Yay! Love to see those adorable babes from our DDC - they're getting soo big! I can't believe it.
I'll post more later about Meadow - but she's doing so well! And yes, I want to eat her cheeks all the time! I made her laugh for the first time by nibbling on her sweet cheeks and chin(s); it was the sweetest sound I've ever heard
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Ok, I just went through 9 pages of this forum to try to find our group. And I found the one from March which thankfully brought be to April. Somehow, I missed it from the earlier pages in the forum. I am having serious mommy brain, way worse than w/DD.

I am doing ok ppd-wise. I think I have only had 1 bad day in the past week. I am exercising more. A friend and I are getting together once a week to watch each others kids while the other takes a run. I am loving it. I love my therapist. She is so great. I initially went for ds's traumatic afterbirth, but I have realized that there is more, I am feeling alone. And it is really hard. I am missing dh and there are some issues there. Don't feeling like writing much about that, but hope that it heals soon.

I am struggling a bit with DS size, about 24#. It makes me not want to hold him b/c he is so heavy. If my body was as toned as my arms, I would have a screaming body right now!
: I have hit of the babywearing forum for some carrier suggestions. I can't believe I might buy another one! UGH! But it is either that or pay my chiro.

DS has cut a tooth and I am so sad. I was really hoping he would be like dd and it would be around 7 months or later. I can see the one next to it ready to pop through too. I am trying to take a lot of gummy photos before you can see it. Yet it is another reminder my baby is growing up and I will not ever have it again. (We are definitely done having kids) He is a complete joy though. He is starting to sit up. And he has rolled over both ways about a month ago. Which is pretty amazing cuz he is so big.

DD is doing well. She is needy lately, which is completely understandable. She told me the other day that she misses me and wants to be with me. I am thrilled that she can express her feelings vs. acting out. I am trying hard to connect with her when ds is napping.

Spring is finally here in VT. Even though it was snowing just a week ago. I am happy for the warmer weather and the sunshine.
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I haven't been on much, the girls are wearing me out.
Lexi is growing big and moving around a ton. She loves to "crawl" around even though its more like army crawling then real crawling. Shes trying to crawl but gets to her hands/knees and can't figure out what to do so she just falls over and laughs.

Oops, baby crying.
Oh, I am so happy to have found you all! I haven't been on MDC much lately and didn't even realize there was a Nov 08 thread going.

It's crazy how fast our babies are growing. Leah's been rolling all over the place for nearly 2 months, her first 2 teeth popped through a couple weeks ago, she laughs and babbles constantly. She is soooo different from her big sister.

Here's a picture from the other day -
Hanny, your LO is only a week in a half older then mine and sitting already? Holy COW!! My little chunker isnt even rolling over yet!
Awww! It's so nice to see the babies!
Mine has decided that sleep is just not for her, she laid next to me and talked in her little gibberish alllllll night last night. Haha, it was cute but I'm so tired! She learned how to say, "Hi!" though she'll generally only say it to her daddy, it's adorable, she worships him. She's getting close to being able to sit, she just has to figure out the balance thing, and she's rolling now! She's 5 months old today and I'm racking my brain trying to figure out where the time has gone, it's been 5 months?! Really?!


And a video, because we took it yesterday and it's so cute I must share!

Hey guys! Maile is CRAWLING already, but no where close to being able to sit. She's been rolling for a couple of months now, and she started scooting, and is now army crawling and figuring out the on all fours crawling thing. It's crazy! I want to just knock her down when she does it (kidding, kidding). She's my last baby, and growing up too fast! She can only make it 2 or 3 crawls on all fours before she falls over, and then has to start over, but oh so cute.

It seems like yesterday that I was whining all day everyday about how sick and miserable I was, and here's my precious little baby now...makes it all worth it!

Are you guys planning on starting solids at 6 months? I'd like to hold her off longer than that, but she's already showing quite a bit of interest. I will probably buy an avocado to give her when she turns 6 months.
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