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Novice question: altering pants myself?

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Hi there,
I've never posted here before, I can hem things by hand, sew buttons, etc. (I'm a real novice!
) I am sitting here looking at my pants that need to be taken in at the waist - plain jeans. Is this something I could do myself, or should I bring them over to the tailors and spend the $14?
Any hints/websites to suggest?
Thanks, very appreciated!
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If you are a novice, spend the $14. To take in plain jeans, you will have to take off the waistband, take in the pants, and then put the waistband on again. If you do not have a sewing machine, experience in making jeans, it is just worth the money spent!
There is a tutorial for this on Craftster - take in waistband tutorial. It isn't straightforward, and denim is more difficult to sew nicely than other fabrics. If it's something that happens to you regularly (I always have the back gape in order to fit over my front), then I say go for it. If it's just this pair, pay the $14.
thanks for the tutorial and advice! I think that even though this is a common problem for me, I'll stick to the tailor for now, just a little too ambitious a project for me, with my current skills.
I'm thinking of repairing my parents old sewing machine, so maybe if I get comfortable with just using it, I'll go back to the tutorial.
thanks again!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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