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Some time ago I posted because my 31 month old DD wasn't pooping at daycare and was causing some problems with constipation. We couldn't get her to go there but did increase fiber in her diet so things were getting better.<br><br>
Now, out of the blue she refuses to pee -- she is literally holding it in ALL DAY (she arrives around 9 and leaves at 4 or 5 and NEVER has an accident). She will pee when she comes home but it doesn't seem to be an emergency, she just goes. This is totally new -- she used to be fine with peeing at daycare. She will occationally pee at daycare when I sit with her but her teachers also sit with her and read book etc. and nothing. When I ask why she doesn't go, she says she's "all empty". She doesn't do this at home--she'll pee every few hours no problem--but is also reluctant to go outside of the house.<br><br>
We've tried giving her more to drink but that hasn't helped.<br><br>
Any ideas? I'm beginning to worry that she's developing some real problems in this area! Not to mention that it can't be good for her.
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