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Now she is refusing the left side

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If any of you have read my past posts then you know I have had a very hard time with my right side. I expressed for 3 months, and gave it to DD in a bottle. It seemed like my right side was never going to get better. Even was on Diflucan twice! Well, I was at the end of my rope, so the last week in May I totally refused to try to get her to nurse that side and to express it. On June 1st I was so full and so miserable, I expressed it, and gave it to her in a bottle, and it seemed to not hurt as bad. For the last 2 weeks she has been nursing well on that side and it hasn't been hurting as it had been.

Well, now just a few days ago, she is refusing the left side. No reason, I don't think. It doesn't hurt. And I have always have a full breast. I have tried everything...laying down, when she is 1/2 asleep, etc..., nothing. She refuses!! So, yesterday I expressed it twice, and she took it from the bottle. She has never refused the left side before. This morning she refused it again. Oh, during the night, she nursed on that side fine. I expressed it again. I wonder if I shouldn't offer her the bottle? I am afraid she won't get all the nutrients then. She is having plenty of wet and messy diapers. She took the bottle, and about an hour or so later, when she was 1/2 asleep I offered the left side, and she nursed for about 20 minutes. She had already taken 4 oz. in the bottle.

Just typing my thoughts down. I doubt anyone will respond, but it gets it off my chest and mind. DH just says to express it and to keep trying.
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