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Now this is sooooo... pathetic on so many levels

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Just reading the latest 'very best baby' booklet I receive - "Growing - your new baby" - it's a promotional booklet for Nestle Good Start. (I know... but I like those pretty keepsake pages...)

This is a quote from a satisfied customer:


"I'm a pediatrician, and I didn't have an exact idea of how a baby could be so miserable if their formula was not compatible with them ... until I had my own baby. I tried every type of milk product available. One of my friends suggested trying Good Start Supreme with Comfort Proteins because it worked for her. I listened to her, and I would gladly recommend your product in my practice. "
Dr. Meriam Y.
Winslow AZ"

I don't know where to start??!!!

-is a PEDIATRICIAN and didn't understand that formula could disagree with a baby?

-tried EVERY type of milk product. Seems like BM never entered her head, not to mention the idea that HER own milk would most definitely be COMPATIBLE for her baby.

-she's a PED but takes her friend's advice?

-would recommend this formula in her practice? Gee, after all the trouble she had, you'd think she might recommend BF. I'm horrified a ped. like this could have a practice.

It's rather funny that formula companies are always saying, talk to your PEDIATRICIAN about choice of formula
Well peds talk to their friends
What a joke!

I was curious if she really was a ped. and looked at :
I searched for peds in Winslow, AZ and she is the ONLY one there. How awful!

It lists a Dr. Meriam Yu
1500 North Williamson Avenue
Winslow, AZ 86047

So do you think it's appropriate to write her about this? Would this be considered stalking? I mean I guess Nestle was giving her some anonymity by just writing "Dr. Meriam Y" instead of her full name of Yu.
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That is pathetic, but we can't know from this whether she tried to breastfeed and just couldn't or not.

For all we know she really said that she'd recommend this stuff for her patients for whom breastfeeding wasn't a option, and Nastly editted it out.

I don't know that I'd send her anything, but then again she is publically listed through that healthgrades site...

The most I'd consider doing, unless I lived there and didn't have a choice but to use her, would be to send a packet of factual information from La Leche League and the policy statements of AAP and WHO and leave it at that.
I saw this old People magazine and the cover story was called "Body After Baby!" It was about what celebrities did to lose weight after birth. They all mentioned things like hiring their own personal vegan chefs and yoga trainers, but none of them mentioned they bfed.

I'd like to tell them all that I lost all the weight in a week because of bfing, and I had to do all my own cooking! But I'm sure they wouldn't listen to me since I'm not their kind of "People."
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Yuck! At least she isn't a former head of the AAP like that other anti-bf doc? I hope?

Every type of milk product? WTH does that mean? Goat, soy, rice, almond, gorilla, chimp? Oh, I forget, cow milk is the only kind of milk.

She had tried every type of milk product except "Good Start?" It's right on the groc store shelf. How did she miss it when she was trying evvvverything? This woman is a creep and a sell-out and should be reprimanded.
That's really stupid! Hope fully they just made it up I 'd hate to think that's a real PED out there somewhere like that.
I read that article, and one of 'em (can't remember which but I'll check) did mentioning that BFing helps in loosing weight!

Just wanted to ask if you ladies were aware of the re-instated Nestle boycott???

They're not complying with the UN, the buggers...

This is just one site. There are TONS more!
Just wanted to respectfully point out that there *are* instances when people cannot breastfeed..even Drs! Perhaps the Dr's child was adopted and induced lactation was not successful. Perhaps she had a double mastectomy.
So I would personally feel it is inappropriate to write to a stranger about this. How would you feel if you got a response like, "I would have loved to breastfeed my child, but due to a bout with breast cancer that is impossible."

Of course, that doesn't mean it's ok to recommend to patients that they FF over BF- but maybe she recommends it to people who cannot breastfeed. Or who have chosen not to, but still want to know what they can feed their babies.

My point is, you never know.
Lucysmama, point taken. I used formula at the start due to dd's latch problems and I personally know several women who need to supplement with it. I don't have a problem with mothers who choose not to BF, whatever their reason. BM may be the best thing out for babies but it's the mother's body as far as I'm concerned.

I assumed the baby wasn't adopted because she said "... I had a baby". I took that to meant she birthed the baby herself.

This whole quote wouldn't have bothered me at all given it's context EXCEPT she started it with "I'm a pediatrician..." and ended it with "...I would gladly recommend your product in my practice". If she'd written it as a mother, it would have been fine I think. As a pediatrician, I believe she has a professional responsiblity to promote the well being of children and this quote just doesn't do that. If she'd wanted to responsible, she could have added the standard "of course, breast milk is best for your baby..."
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Even if I couldn't breastfeed and had to use formula, I sure wouldn't be out recommending it or doing commercials for it. I would let people know that due to circumstances beyond my control I am forced to feed my baby one of the worst foods available.

I did supplement 4 oz a day with dd until I got an electric pump, but I never bottlefed in public. Maybe there was no reason to be ashamed, but I was.
Some one on one of these boards suggested that formula should not be availible w/o a perscription
. I dunno if I'd go that far, but something not quite as extreme may have merit. I think you SHOULD have a reason for needing it.

I UNDERSTAND why someone would choose not to continue breastfeeding, (it was bloody hard in the beginning for ds and I) but I don't understand why someone wouldn't even give it a try (providing they were physically capable..i.e. breasts intact, no meds etc.). I distinctly remember getting to the 'line' and recognising that 'Oh, this is when/why everybody quits'.

I think we need to tell each other that, YES, it can be hard, but if you're willing to stick it out, it gets MUCH easier and you reap SO many rewards.
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I don't think the point of this thread is whether or not you can or should bf. It is, IMO, should a ped rec ABM, when she said it was recced to her by a FRIEND? Why is a childrens' dr going by recs from friends on how to feed her baby? Why is she being a spokesperson for a money making corporation? It just seems unethical. But not surprising, given the nice cozy relationship ABM co's foster with drs.
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