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NOW we can really have fun!!!

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I had my ultrasound yesturday and although the little critter kept its legs crossed we did get a glimpse of its ""boy parts""
I'm having a boy !!
So now i can really buy up the boy diapers
not like I haven;t been already because I ""knew"" it was a boy but now i feel better about it lol
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Congratulations on your little soon-to-be-blue-bundle!
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(thats sparkling apple juice for you

I have 3 boys (and a girl) and just love shopping for boys too.

Have fun looking!
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I have visions of a bug and safari stash.

I must live through you gals who have boys...I have two girls and THANK GOD!!!!!! I am WAYYYYY too girly for a boy! He'd pack up and move out right away!
nak, yay for you. Little boys are woinderful!!! Congrads. Oh wait, are we going to be competing for boy dipes now??? JK
oh how exciting!!! a baby boy.
have fun shopping!
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