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I am a father of two little girls. My elder daughter is a little over 3, and a younger one is only 2 years old. In this short story, I would like to share with you my experience of getting a kid to bed correctly and easily.

Almost every evening, I try to read fairy tales to my girls. It is quite expensive to buy new books every day, so I look for fairy tales on the Internet. Do you think it's easy? You are mistaken! Yes, there is a lot of content for kids on the Internet, but it is very hard to find a really kind and unique fairy tale. Sometimes, kids happen to fall asleep while you are flipping through a long list of tales on your smartphone and choosing a suitable one. Also, there are moments rather often when you are just got tired and don't have the energy to read your kid a fairy tale before bed. That is why I started acting and decided to record my audio tales!

First, I highlighted my main criteria of a perfect bedtime story:

1. The story should be kind and instructive.
2. The text should be as simple as possible and without excessive dialogues.
3. Every story should last from 10 to 20 minutes.
4. Always use calm background music.
5. The voice should be female. Anyway, all kids feel quiet in the presence of their mother.

I wrote the text of the stories myself. I don’t know how it happened, but the ideas themselves appeared in my head as soon as I sat down at my laptop. Every day, I wrote a new story and read it aloud to my girls. You may not believe me, but even at that, without music, they fell asleep after the second or third tale! I enjoyed the process of creating my audio stories, so I got rid of the idea of using a voice recorder and started to create a mobile app right away. I was aware that the stories that helped my girls fall asleep would surely help other kids in the world fall asleep!

The entire code is written by myself. Also, I wrote the texts of the stories and ordered the voice work to an expert. Look, what came out of it and be my judge! Meet bedtime audio stories for kids for iPhone and iPad! Apple AppStore search: Bedtime stories for kids AUDIO.
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