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So, after we flunked out with our first 2 KDs, we contacted 3 other guys--ones that we do not know well, and not for very long at all, but that we like and that I've started to get to know a little more in the past few months. One guy came over right away and talked with us for 2 hours, hoping to get to know us a bit more, and told us he'd take 2 weeks to think about it. The second guy emailed us within a day and asked when he'd have to let us know, and we told him 2 weeks as well. (Third guy never got back to us, so I'm assuming he's out, but that's OK, he was the bottom of our list)<br><br>
First guy (who is awesome, and I recently found out he enjoys doing drag performances and has super legs) wants to sit down again and go over his revision of our KD contract--he's a yes, and we were so relieved!<br><br>
Now, however, second guy wants to talk! He is so wicked adorable, and such a nice, nice guy, that I honestly am not sure who I would pick! DW is partial to first guy, mostly cuz he's southern and in terms of body type and appearances, he would fit in very well in her father's side of the family. Second guy is much shyer, and I just found out he's older as well--first guy is in his early 40s, and second guy is only 3 months younger than my mom at 52 (but frankly, looks the same age as first guy). Of course, the very first KD we asked is 51, so whoopee, one whole year difference.<br><br>
I was hoping for some input here before I respond to second guy...I don't want to rule him out, because he's so freaking adorable, (and what if first guy has really crappy swimmers?) and I don't want to hurt his feelings by saying "well, we'd still like to interview you to be sloppy seconds"...grrr. I won't know the results of the last of our anonymous donor inseminations for at least another week, but we'd like to get as much lined up as possible--especially since our first guy is going out of town the 22nd, and won't be back until June 1.<br><br>
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