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Let's see. Who knows:
My mom. Best friend (who's far away). 4 friends here (who all were tremendous supports during my m/c, so I'd want them to know). 1 co-worker (regret this one). 2 playgroup moms (it just slipped). 1 couple who live far away. They were expecting when we had dd and now are expecting again. They were close friends when they lived here.

Wow, that's more than I thought.

Dh's family doesn't know. If all goes well with the u/s tomorrow we will tell his sister when we visit her next week and his parents when we visit them in 3 weeks. If everything isn't ok by u/s we will probably tell dh's parents, but I just don't want to talk to them about it now. Don't need any unsolicited advice. I'll tell bosses when school starts. I will be over 13 weeks by then.

Sorry for the long, slightly incoherent post!
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