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NPO for decay repair

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We've been trying to hold off on fixing DD's one cavity until she's 3 and might be able to cooperate with the filling, but the tooth is dissolving and the dentist is wanting to fix it NOW.

Our choices are general anesthesia or awake but sedated. We're leaning towards awake but sedated.

I'm terrified of both options but actually what's probably going to be hardest for DD is not nursing past midnight. She currently still nurses every 3 hours or so at night and likes to wake up with nursing for a good 30 minutes or so. What am I going to do? She's going to have a terrible time not nursing that night and will probably scream from midnight until morning. Any suggestions? Would it really be a problem if she nurses?
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It's a really tough decision
How old is your child? And how well do you like your dentist? If he/she is pretty typical, then they may require the use of a papoose board if you go the sedation route. That would be a big decision factor if I was facing this choice. Would they let you hold her tightly, maybe even wrapped in a blanket, during the procedure?

Is there any possible way that you could locate someone willing to to ART (atraumatic restorative treatment)? Personally, that would be the route that follow. And in fact, that's what we chose for our son. Unfortunately, we had to travel across two states to get it.
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Thanks for the reply. She's 29 mths.

I'm curious about ART. DD screams in terror when they just look in her mouth for a few seconds. And they are trying really hard to put her at ease and she sits on my lap and its still hard for her. It seems like ART would require her to sit for longer than 30 seconds?

I'm kind of leaning towards putting the mask on to knock her out for 2 minutes just to pull the tooth out and not try to fix it. I'm so torn about what to do. I'll google ART.
It's the quickest treatment that they can do besides pulling the teeth. Rather than bring out a drill to remove the decay, they just scoop it out with a hand tool. And rather than take the time to place a filling or crown, they use a glass ionomer (sp) that doesn't need to be put onto a perfectly sterile tooth. There's a substantial time savings, and it's also more beneficial for the tooth. They were able to scoop all four of my son's teeth in less than 2 minutes, but they didn't place any filling or glass on it at all (we did have ozone treatment.)

It was really really hard for us, my son was very upset. He was 23 mo. But I held him while they did it, and it really was very quick. I nursed him right afterwards and he cheered up very quickly. I so loooove being a nursing mom, it's such an amazing relationship. As far as our situation, at this point if Nico needs anything that Does require sedation or GA, we'd opt out and have his teeth pulled. It's been a long, hard decision process, and I'm finally comfortable with going that route. That said, I've heard plenty of success stories from mom's who decided on GA or sedation. I'd do ART again in an instant, so long as we're still nursing. Or, have his teeth pulled. HTH, I know there are no good choices, nothing that stands out as being the "right" thing to do. It really just stinks all around.
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She really has such a hard time of it that I'm leaning towards just pulling the tooth, but DH disagrees.

I see you live in the pacific NW - where did you go for the ART? We're north of Seattle.
We went to pocatello ID, of all places....

I posted a very, very detailed account of what it was like, below. Nico had a really hard time, but it turned out for the best. I'm sorry you and your husband are having a hard time agreeing. We went through that for about a week following him hearing a doctor say I should wean. Having to fight with him on top of everything was excruciating.
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