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NT mamas - qstn about CLO and butter

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Do you follow what Sally Fallon said about using CLO together with high-vitamin butter? I've purchased raw butter form Amish Farm in my neigbohrhood, but how would I know if it's high-vitamin? Sorry if it's a stupid question...
Also, I changed my CLO brand from Nordic Naturals to Garden of Life, since I've read that Garden of Life doesn't use any synthetic additions and high-vit.

Any word of advice would be appreciated.
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Nordic Naturals doesn't use synthetic vitamins, but it is a low vitamin product. It's better for people taking really high doses for other reasons.

Look for butter from pastured cows. It will be higher in vitamin content when they are grazing on fresh grass in the spring and fall, as opposed to when the cows are supplemented with hay. The darker the yellow color, the higher the vitamin content.
Yeah, we do clo and butter too. We have Carlesons liquid for ds (so I can give him half a dose.) He loves it!! He asks for more. lol

For butter, I figure its good enough to make sure its from pastured cows. Its my understanding that grass is where the factor x comes from. I know its lower in vitamins in the winter, but, I can only do what I can do. kwim?

Other than that, you could try butter oil, but that's super expensive!
thank you for replies. I got it.
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