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NT yogurt dough

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Can someone please post the recipe for NT yogurt dough??
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i've had really bad luck with the nt yogurt dough. really crumbly, no flavor. anyone have any tips/adjustments that made it work for them? thanks!
My tip: Just. Don't. Make it.

I've been really disappointed with the recipes in the NT book. Everything I've tried, no matter how yummy it sounded, has been either unpalatable (ginger carrots) or blah (yogurt bread). It really irks me because these recipes take some real time and effort, and the reward for all I've put into them is minimal at best. Sally, did you incur damage to your taste buds through some horrible accident or disease?? because I can't believe someone thinks this stuff is tasty.

For the yogurt bread, I followed Ms. Falon's instructions to a T and couldn't believe the results. That was the blahest bread I have ever encountered -- it was like eating congealed air or something. I wouldn't bother trying to find things to jazz it up, it's too far gone to be saved. Just find a new recipe.

I'm going to take the general ideas from NT (soaking grains and beans, making bone stocks, lacto-fermenting, etc.) but look for specific recipes elsewhere.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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