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Numb arms while sleeping?

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I am 11 weeks today (according to U/S). When I sleep (on my side with arms folded in front of me) my arms get numb. When I wake up my arms are completely asleep. I have found that if I sleep with one of my arms out instead of crossed, the minute I start falling asleep, my arm jerks and wakes me up.

What is the best position to prevent numbness? I normally sleep on the edge of the bed with my extremeties pointing out.

Thanks for the help!!!
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Carpal Tunnel is a problem that recently arose for me at 38 wks preggers.

I'm thinking it could be that for you, too, if you're small boned, and, I'm told, fair skinned, oddly enough.

I've found that it gets worse at night w/less numbness/tingling throughout the day.
The "best" way to sleep seems to be in an almost sitting up/propped up position with arms resting flat on pillows. Yikes. what a drag.

So, since it's very early w/you perhaps you can look into these splints for the wrists made for carpal tunnel syndrome. Many people say they work well. You'll not get a good night's sleep for a long time once your belly gets big & then when the babe is born, so try to remedy this issue early on.

I hope it resolves for you...sometimes it's just the tingling for a short time due to increased blood circulation & swelling & can dissipate all on its own.

x ing my numb & tingly fingers 4 u. :LOL
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I am not sure that it's carpal tunnel (though it could be). The numbness is in my whole arm, from the shoulder down. I figured it was bad blood circulation. My DH has the beginnings of CT, and it doesn't sound the same at all as his.

Also, I am not small-boned or fair-skinned
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I have a lot of the bad circulation when sleeping this time around. I don't remember having it at all with my first. Especially in the beginning, I'd wake up with my entire arm asleep and woudln't be able to sleep until all was well again. It stopped for a long time, although last night, I woke up with my entire leg asleep!
I don't know the cause, but make sure there is nothing adding pressure to numb you. Last night, I was laying on my right side, and my right leg was on top of a pillow in only one spot and I woke up with a sleeping leg.
Good luck!!
This has happened to me, too.

For me, it's always about experimenting until my body feels right. I am hyper vigilant about this now because I never fixed it with my first pregnancy, then nursed and slept with my babe for a year and a half (sleeping on my left side the whole time), and *then* developed a blood clot in my thumb (thrombophlebitis) from repeated injury of sleeping that way. So... my advice is to just follow what the pp suggested and make sure there is nothing adding pressure to cause the numbness. I fixed it by making sure my left arm was at a good position for me no matter what.

And remember that even if pregnancy circulation does/can normally get sidetracked due to increased pressure in your vessels (think varicose veins), it's still not OK to let it go without finding a comfy position.

And until you get to the third trimester, you can always sleep on your back (which I totally miss!).

Best of luck!
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Thanks so much! I fell asleep on my back last night with my arms over my head in a "mata hari" position (okay, maybe not, but I love that phrase
). My arms went numb almost immediately. I think you are right about finding "the right position." I have 7 more months to find that perfect position
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I have all different parts of my body "fall asleep" while sleeping during pg when I don't move enough. Just part of the circulation....
jaye-- Not really. I still get numbness on my left arm when I sleep on it, not really on the right side anymore. Now, though, my hips and up to my boobs will go numb if I lay on my back.

I have since developed what my Dr. thinks is carpal tunnel in my left wrist. My chiro doesn't think that's what it is, because it "feels" different that CT. He is still adjusting it, though.

An even weirder thing is my right wrist feels like I sprained or broke it! The wrist just below my thumb has a piercing pain when I move it funny. THis has REALLY affected my sleeping, not to mention everyday life. I went to church yesterday and got it prayed for. After that it started hurting worse. I am trying everything to avoid Xrays. If it gets worse, I will have to talk to my GP (gag!!! I hate my GP!!) and see about getting Xrays. The thing is, I haven't DONE anything-- I don't carry anything heavy, I haven't fallen or caught myself on it. I do lift myself up on it when I am getting out of bed.
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Hi, this happens to me every night, sometimes several times a night. I haven't found a good sleeping position yet. It happens if I'm on either side or on my back! I'm 16 weeks and I remember it happening occasionally during the pregnancy with my ds, but not this much! I move constantly when I am sleeping, but it has gotten worse the last couple of weeks.
Well, I slept on my stomach last night (against my body pillow). That has been the most comfortable position yet! This one might not work for long, because Michael likes to kick the mattress, and sometimes that wakes me up!
If you were a smoker pre-pregnancy this is a common side effect. When I asked my midwife about it she said smoking can make the capallaries in your hands constrict more, hence the tingles. Don't know if this applies but it could be one more thing to pile on. The good thing if you're still not smoking, the problem will get better.
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