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Nurse Midwife/OBGYN in Chelmsford, MA area?

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Hi! Can anyone recommend a midwife, OB/GYN or other practitioner for basic GYN care? I live in Chelmsford, right near Lowell, but I am willing to travel a bit.

I really need to find someone gentle and patient. I had a very traumatic experience with the practice I was with when my son was born, and I haven't been back since (he turned 2 in September), so it's time for a check-up.

If anyone can help, thanks so much!
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I see this group of midwives. I love them and have had all 3 of my children with them. I highly recommend them
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I had a great experiece with The North Shore Birthcenter in Beverly. Unfortunately I was not able to deliver at the Birthcenter as I planned but I ended up having a wonderfull experience at Beverly Hospital. My two year old loved the visits at the Center, a very relaxed atmosphere.
Good Luck
Thanks for your suggestions! Any more? I really just need to see someone for routine healthcare, like a Pap smear and check up. Thanks to my last experience, I won't be having a baby in the forseeable future, but that's another story. I just need someone I can trust to be gentle with me -- even a NP or PA in a family practice, anyone any of you helpful mamas have found to be nice, gentle, and had a good experience with. Any stories of good care for pediatrics, family practice and adult healthcare are welcome, too.

Thanks so much!!
Here is another practice that is amazing:

They only do GYN care and fertility treatment. Dr Levine is also an OB but is not catching babies anymore and has focused his practice on GYN care. Valerie is an amazing woman as well as midwife.

NoahLev, by what you say in your OP, I think Valerie would be someone who could give you the care you are wanting.
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