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Hi all!

The organizers of the NYC nurse-in have implemented a forum at Our mission is to channel the energy of this week into some serious discussion of strategy, lobbying, and planning of future events. We will also act as a rendevous point connecting grass roots organizers and the media contacts that covered this past week's events. Public, members-only, and private forums will be available on request for any of you who would like to strategize locally.

I have the basic forums in place. Please do register and give us your suggestions. Specifically, we would dearly love to hear from women who have experienced harassment or discrimination for breastfeeding in the home, at work, or in public. There is a special forum in place for this. The more personal stories we gather, the stronger we are.

All the best, mamas!

Erika Ross
[email protected]

(I received moderator permission to post this here. Thankyou mods!)
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