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I am just finishing up the AF from hell. Starting with terrible pms mor ethan a week before, then a terrible time when it hit. The kind of pms where I started to worry that dh's vasectomy had healed itself(don't laugh, it happened to my uncle!
: ) and I was possibly pregnant. Sore boobs, the whole thing, when normally it's not much of an issue for me at all. Then I started, with all sorts of cramping and discomfort that again, is not typical for me. I'm just about finished and still feeling hte intense exhaustion, occasional dizziness(ok that might not be related it just started today and is probably just not enough sleep last night) backache, etc...

So I was thinking htat even though I started up at just 3 months PP and have been like clockwork since, is it possible I hadn't actually ovulated and my body was just sort of, I don't know, going htrough the motions so to speak? And maybe this month I did and htat's why it was so hard?

It does coincide with cutting way back on nursing which is what got me to think of it. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it pretty common? I know I see nursing moms worried about conceiving becaus ehteir cycles haven't returned but would htey be back for over 2 years with no ovulation?

Please, has anyone BTDT and can just tell me it won't be so miserable next time? I've never had period issues and it sucked!
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