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nursing after meds

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So I have had to stop nursing inorder to use this cream for pre-skin cancer. The cream is called Efudex and it's a chemotherapy cream. DD is 25 months and was only nursing 3-4 times a day, including night nursings. I think she was ready to wean because I decided to take it slow and do the don't offer, don't refuse thing. So a couple weeks ago, I started that. She went 3 days and then asked twice in one day, which I nursed her for. She hasn't nursed since. So I started using the cream this morning. And of course she asked to nurse, but was distracted before I could do anything and didn't ask again. So I need to use this cream for 2 weeks. And then the area heals in 4 weeks after that. So I'm wondering if it would be safe to resume nursing after I stop the cream and how long after I should wait before nursing again. Of course, dd may have no interest after this time anyway, and I may not have any milk left then either. I have a call into the company now to ask.
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Mama, I'm sorry you are gong through this. But, I've found Dr. Tom Hale (and his book Medications and Mother's Milk) to be a great resource.

Here is a link to his online forum for anticancer meds...

Also, from one mother who takes meds (though for something entirely different), I just want to caution you with what the company will tell you. I stopped nursing my then 19mo when 3 dr's told me it wouldn't be safe. Now, just a year later, I conceived and am now nursing a newborn while taking the same med. I consulted a lactation consultant, read up on Hale's recommendation about the med, and feel comfortable with my decision. I wish I would have had the luxury of taking the time to research it thoroughly before I weaned ds1.

Good luck mama and I pray the cream works for you.
Thanks so much for the link. According to Dr. Hale it shouldn't be a problem to nurse since I am using it over a small area. That's nice to know in case dd requests to nurse. She hasn't nursed in a week now though.

Yeah the company was no help and said I should not nurse while using it but couldn't give me an answer about when it would be safe to resume nursing after stopping the meds. They said call my doctor, or peditrician, which both think I'm nuts to want to keep nursing a 2 year old.

Originally Posted by calla lily
They said call my doctor, or peditrician, which both think I'm nuts to want to keep nursing a 2 year old.
I got the SAME thing when I asked about continuing nursing my then 19mo on my meds.
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