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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. I just had a
baby a month and a half ago. I knew I needed dental work during my
pregnancy but my first was born four months premature, so I was
afraid to get it done then. My second son has Autism.

I went back to the dentist today and got the bad news that I need a
whole lot of work (one root canal, two crowns, three fillings). I
trust my dentist and am pretty good at reading dental x-rays (I know
I need the work).

I am nursing and am not sure what to do. Everyone says its safe. I
am especially worried about the root canal -- all those chemicals.
And, one of the fillings needed to be crowned has my last remaining
metal filling.

What should I do? Continue to nurse? Pump and dump? (If so, for
how long?).

Any thoughts.


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