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Everyone I know who is bfing has had a lack of or no sex drive.My gyn says that when you're bfing your body thinks it's going through menopause. That's why there can be little lubrication.Makes sense. My dh (god bless him) says it'll come back (Dd is 27 mos) and not to worry about it. Our pre-baby relationship was very very sexual and I'm finally starting to feel it, but sex has been so infrequent that he's actually kind of nervous and afraid he might disappoint me. Anyways like everything else "it's only temporary" I am amazed that some people get pregnant almost immediately after having a baby because I had absolutely no desire to even GIO!! As for the breasts i haven't let him near them -They belong to Dd for now. I also still haven't seen AF.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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