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Right here with ya, girls!
DH and I have been struggling with the libido prob since i got pregnant. We had a brief respite in my 8th month of pg when my libido was up (impending depravation, i think) but since then I dont even really FEEL like a sexual being. I feel like the omnipresent Mommy Monster. Its so hard to turn off the Mommy brain and turn ON the sexy brain. We have DS in the crib for just the first part of the night (until midnight or so) just so we can have couple time, but most of the time i am just too tired! We are continually working on it...

I read that nursing creates/increases prolactin, which is the 'bonding' hormone of motherhood. It makes our milk and gives us those nurturing, caring feelings for our babies. But as prolactin goes up, testosterone (the hormone associated with aggression) goes down, and sex drive goes with it. Like a PP said, evolution-wise i am sure it is that way to help with spacing out babies and so all the cave women were not out whacking mammoths with clubs instead of snuggling with their babes in the cave.

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