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You mean it's not only me?

Poor dh has been so patient, but I am just so not in the mood. It took a while for us to get over the sex-in-the (accidental) family-bed situation, but even now I am generally "blah," for lack of a better term. ITA with Lisa, it is so difficult to switch gears--even to fall asleep although I am so tired. If I were smart I'd go to bed right after dinner, but I need just an hour or two of being able to read the paper or watch TV without someone clutching at my skirt, KWIM?

I didn't realize it had to do with nursing though...I don't know what I thought it was: exhaustion? the fact that I lost so much weight from nursing that now I hate how I look? the fact that dh comes to bed at midnight and I am generally pissed off that I'm not asleep yet, despite turning in an hour before?

This is very interesting...I live in a neighborhood/community where it is very unusual to bf even to 12 months--as a result I know a lot of people with kids spaced <2 years. Not only can't I wrap my mind around that because I can't imagine APing 2 under 2, but I can't imagine having the "motivation" to create another one right now
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