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I've experienced lack of sex drive during nursing with all 3 of my babies. I, too, am tired of myself being this way. For me, my boobs have always been the 'trigger' that gets me all hot and ready and now, while nursing, it hurts to have them be touched at all! I cannot stand to have any stimulation there and, as a result, I can't get excited.

Plus being tired, and mentally exhausted from doing the whole bedtime routine with the kids. And finally having time to myself .... for the few hours or minutes that I have before I go to sleep why would I want to share that time?! It's my only time, in 24 hours, that I finally get to do what *I* want to do, be it sleep, or read, or veg in front of the tv. I feel really bad for my husband, and he has been great about it. I try to do things for him but it ends up being maybe once every two weeks and I'm not very 'into' it at all ....
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