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Just asking, not pregnant yet <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"><br><br>
I had preterm labor issues with DS. It started at 20 weeks, I felt it, not painful, but was there. At 24 weeks they did a fibronectin and it was fine. At 30 weeks my cervix wasn't "long" anymore (it was 3cm just 4 weeks before!) and at 35 weeks I started dilating. I was on Terbutaline for 32-35 weeks (at 32 it was really bad, every 2 minutes, like menstruation cramps, and my breasts leaked about one quart of milk, no kidding, bed was wet).<br>
I know nursing releases oxytocin so at some point throughout another pregnancy it might not be good to do it. Or is there research saying otherwise? Does anyone of you have any experience with this?<br>
I really do not want to wean DS... I wouldn't start TTC before he is 18 months minimum... Could I even freeze enough for in between 20 weeks preggers and birth and then nurse again?<br><br>
So confused!!!<br><br>
btw - preterm is totally running in my family, both my sisters had it too, mom and aunt, all with cerclages. I just had the terb.
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