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Nursing and older baby

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DD is 7 months old and is getting very distracted when she nurses. She keeps puling off to look around at the dog at DH ETC. What can I do and when will this stop? I know she has got to be hungry but she doens't act like she is! ?How do I keep her interested in nursing? I have tired the nursing necklace and it doesn't really work. I am getting worried that she isn't eating enough. Any suggestions? TIA
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You can try a nursing necklace, its a necklace made of different things like you can find one with wooden beads, semiprecious stones, glass beads or plastic beads. you wear it around your neck while your baby nurses and she will play with it instead of pulling off and looking around. Be sure to only let her see it when you are nursing to keep her attention better.

I make the ones with bright plastic beads, they are nylon string double knotted between every 3 beads and are very strong. I have all colors ans many animal shapes available. I make them each to order and have many designs to chose from or you can create your own! I also have letter beads to put her name on it. The link is in my sig line if you want to see mine.
Thanks Lori! I will have to check your neckalces out! I have heard so much about them! You are on Ovusoft too aren't you? Everyone raves abut them over there too!
Yes, that's me! I have the same screen name everywhere except and there I am Munchkins Mom. I find its easier for people to recognize me when I keep the same name.
I though that was you! I have the same name on Ovusoft also! I usually keep the same name too!
I had the same problem and I just got my nursing necklace. Once the novelty of it wore off (for awhile he was more interested in playing with the necklace than nursing
: ) it worked wonderfully.

Course he still pulls at my hair sometimes, but the necklace has really helped a lot.

If I can remember where I got it from, I'll post the link.
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WE are at that same stage it is impossible to nurse in public at all. I am looking for a nursing necklace myself and hope it hepls in th eman time she plops off at the slightest noise but like all things this too shall past.

So watch out. A lot of people think at this stage that, well, the babies don't want to nurse, so it's time to wean.


Not even close.

Baby's just more into the surrounding view (hey, they've been staring at you pretty intensely for the last six or seven months, right?
) so nursing sessions may be really, really short ... so I'd have more frequent nursing. Really. Would bring them to the breast then even sometimes when they aren't showing interest first. They'll probably end up nursing for a few minutes then, too, so that covers the concern about not getting enough, if you do it often enough. And if they don't want to nurse, they won't.

But really, this, too, shall pass.

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my dd has been at this stage for a while now.
if we are out she finds it hard to nurse when there are so many things and people to look at. most of the time we nurse inthe sling while walking around the outside of the car.
she has compensated by nursing more at night the days she has nursed less durring the day
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