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nursing and pregnant...

522 Views 2 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  turtlemama77 i going to lose my milk? is it inevitable? my LO is only 6 months and i'm afraid of losing or having a really low supply. is there anything i can do?
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Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm pregnant too, 15 weeks, and DS is 21 months. He is eating/drinking plenty of other things though at his age.

Pregnant nursing moms really get a mixed bag of things happen to their milk, and it's impossible to say whether you will have a supply issue or not. Most moms I know, have had a dramatic drop in supply during the second trimester. However, there are a few moms who don't have a problem at all. There are also a lot of other things that can happen - nipple pain, getting irritated/frustrating while baby is nursing, and others.

There really isn't much of anything you can do for your supply. Galactagogues that often help when you aren't pregnant, either will not help you or are not safe to take. However, your babe may not care, and may very well nurse anyway despite there not being much milk. About halfway through you will start making colostrum and you'll have that (in small amounts) until your baby is born. Then, you'll once again have copious amounts of milk.

I wish I could reassure you, I too looked for this reassurance when I found out I was pg, because I so wanted DS to get my milk for quite a long time yet! I do have some friends who didn't lose their milk completely but did have a big drop in supply. I'm sorry I couldn't be more reassuring...
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The milk situation really is different for every woman. My dd was around 10 months when I got pregnant. I had an initial slight drop in supply, and then around 20 weeks it really took a dive. dd dry nursed for about a month, and around 24 months we had colostrum. Now that I've had my baby, we have more milk than we know what to do with! Throughout my pregnancy, I made sure that dd got other fluids (mostly water) and a variety of foods.

Have you read Adventures in Tandem Nursing? It's a really great book, great resource, talks lots about nursing while pregnant and then nursing two. I found the mama stories very reassuring.

Take care!
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