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Nursing and Travel to Mexico

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I am not sure if this is the correct place for this post, but here it goes.
DH and I will be travelling to Puerto Vallarta next week for vacation. We will be taking 14 month dd with us. I am nervous about the trip. I know that nursing on the plane is one thing. Anyone have experience with travelling with a older nursling and going somewhere like Mexico? I just want to know what to expect in general I guess.
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Heather, what kind of questions did you have? We lived in Mexico for 4 years and traveled back and forth many times with my nursing baby-turned-toddler.
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I guess just how is nursing in public there? If we're out for the day away from the hotel will I be getting dirty looks if I nurse my 14 month old on a bench somewhere?
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Well it sounds like you are going to a very touristy area so you will probably be around more Americans than Mexicans.
But I have never had a negative experience NIP in Mexico. I would say the people most likely to be uncomfortable (but still probably accepting) are the upper-class Mexicans. But I nursed everywhere, around all types of people and it was never a problem.
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We were also living in Mexico for a few years and had a friend who nursed her dd in the PV area many times.

Culturally, Mexicans seemed a bit more modest in genaral so our friend tended to respect this by asking for quieter tables in the restaurants and nursing more discretely in crowded situations.

That said, she found the Mexican teenage girls were fascinated and asked her many questions - formula use is pretty high there.
I was in the Riviera Maya in Januuary and I nursed my 3 year old everywhere with no problems. Mostly there are a ton of Europeans in the tourist areas, and they were pretty open about their bodies...nursing was not even a blip on the radar screen....
I just got back from Puerto Vallarta last thursday!! I don't think you have anything to worry about as far as nursing goes. I nursed my DD everywhere (on the beach, at restaurants, at the market) and even nursed her using the SNS (we have to supplement due to low milk supply). No one seemed to care at all...or maybe I just didn't notice

DD got so much attention from the locals! they love babies in mexico. It's great!

Oh - and a really great place to grab a bite to eat is at the restaurants upstairs from the flea market - cheap and good!! have a great trip!
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