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Nursing bras--yay or nay?

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So far I have this one nursing sportsbra, which I got for the birth and to nurse the baby at first, but I've been wondering whether I should stock up and get more nursing bras. For the mamas who are nursing veterans, what do you think? Are they really useful, or do you do just as well pulling the boobs out of your regular bras?
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i use both. not all my regular bra work well, for instance, i like a strong underwire, but that doesnt work well when nursing, but my more normal soft ones work just find to 'lift over' the cup. i think it also depends on the size/shape of your breast. try pulling your boob out and over and sit there for a bit, see if the bra digs in or not.

i agree with swedemom... i think i'm just going to be using mostly my soft cup bras and using the nursing bra when i'm out and about.
I use both, like the others. Only use a regular one pulled up or down if it doesn't cut into your breast at all. Doing that very often can lead to plugged ducts.
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I am by no means a nursing veteran, but I've just been wearing tank tops with a built in bra and then I just pull the boob out when it is needed and tuck it away when it's not. Seems to be working so far, but of course is only really good for around the house unless you wear something over it.

ETA: I do have two Yes! bra nursing bras and love them. They're very comfy. They're sort of a Bravado knock off and thus a bit cheaper.
I love my Bravado bras! Although I have my eye on a blue canoe now too.
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I nursed my ds for 3.5 yrs and I only wore nursing bras. Regular bras were just a hassle. It was so convenient to be able to just open it up rather than stretch the fabric of a regular bra. The key is to get good ones that you like the style of. I did not like the ones that snap at the center; these were too hard to snap back up. I liked the ones that hook at the top and you pull the cup down. I found these at Motherhood Maternity. You only need like 3 or 4 of them, and if you're leaky, just get some 100% cotton nursing pads so you don't have to change bras as frequently. I think it is well worth it to get good nursing bras.
that is all I have worn since my son was born 12-01.....I have either been pg or nursing or both.
I gave up the idea of sexy bras until this new baby is 3.

I told DH he has waited 4 yrs, what's another 3 LOL
Another vote for Bravado nursing bras here, so easy to snap up one handed, and they are as comfy as a sports bra. And there's a sexy leopard skin one too

They're all I've worn for nearly 4 yrs.
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I am very nervous about the possibility of years and years of bra wearing. My sister gave me maybe 7 or 8 nursing bras some that seem comfy and some that don't, but I havn't worn a bra since I was 16 for anything more than an afternoon with my grandparents in a slim shirt. I have tried to wear a bra while pregnant- especially in the begining when they hurt- but they just drive me crazy! Is there ever a point when your breasts don't leak and you can go without or am I just very nieve (really really hopeful?) Maybe a nursing sports bra would be a good option for me- any suggestions?
I absolutely love Bravado for pregnancy and the first few months. It's the only one that I can truly snap open and close with one hand which is key when you're holding a sleeping baby!

After the first few months when I get back into my normal clothes I like to wear an underwire nursing bra so that I have more support. The bravados I keep for sleeping/hanging out in the house but I wear the underwires for daytime. I have several Mimi maternity ones that I love and can't wait to get back into!
Yep to nursing bras...I couldn't have survived without them. With dd1 I ordered four from Motherwear, and they were soft cup with no underwire. they worked great. I can't manage center snaps one handed, so I don't buy those. I highly recommend anyone only get those kind that have the plastic hookey things up there instead of the hook and eye little metal closures-It;'s a pain to be trying to do that blind under your nursing shirt! For those who are worried about leakies, I think I was done with leaking for the most part at a month or so...And I had cotton pads I just washed with the baby's stuff. Motherwear sells a nice criss cross sleep bra that would be good for someone who isn't comfy in a bra yet, and so does Motherhood. I just went last weknd and got my new nursing bras, and then my sil who nursed for all of three days gave me all hers, and so now I'm in Nursing bra heaven :LOL !! Yipee!!
I had a couple of them with my daughter, but after the first few months, I stopped bothering with them and got some regular bras, all cotton with an underwire. I'm pretty small-chested, even when nursing, so I was able to get away with it ok--it was comfortable enough. I bought one this time, and I'm not quite sure what I did with my other two (maybe gave them to my sister?) was a bravado, so I might try and hunt around for that. I remember it being very comfy!
Thanks, Mamas!! Ya'll are so very helpful--I have an excuse to go shopping!!!
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Originally Posted by swedemom
try pulling your boob out and over and sit there for a bit, see if the bra digs in or not.
Good tip! Not fun at all.
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Just one more word about nursing bras -- if you are at all well-endowed, I'd suggest laying in a supply of one or two very supportive bras for when your milk comes in. I am a 38D when I'm not pg or nursing and was in serious pain when my milk came in with ds (we got some from Motherwear -- not cheap but very heavy-duty).
If I had only known I'd be nursing as long as I am, I would definitely have invested in a few good nursing bras. I picked up 2 cheap nursing bras from Motherhood Maternity, with the intention of using them just for going out, and wearing my regular bras around the house. I was an A cup before pregnancy, and went up to a D after my milk came in. It goes without saying that my regular bras got tired pretty quickly (I stupidly tried to cram myself into them. They were stretchy sports-type bras, but they only have so much give :LOL ). My two measly nursing bras got used until they practically fell apart, as they were the only thing that fit me. I told myself "I'll go buy some really nice new bras when I'm done nursing at 12 months." Lol! Looks like I have at least a few more years of lactating. :p I'll be stocking up on 4-5 Bravado nursing bras as soon as my first maternity check comes in.
I've heard great things about them, and like the way they look.
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Originally Posted by ~Nikki~
I was an A cup before pregnancy, and went up to a D after my milk came in. It goes without saying that my regular bras got tired pretty quickly.
Which brings up another point...should I just wait until my milk comes in to get the right size, or am I about the size I will be (am 39 weeks 4 days) once milk does come in? Nikki, I am also an A cup, and just the prospect of becoming a D makes me say HOLY BREASTS, BATMAN! :LOL
I just wanted to add that I think the size and shape of your boobs has a lot to do with wether or not you can get by with out a nursing bra. I have to have a nursing bra that opens up because even with milk in them my boobs don't get big enough to pull "over" anyhting!
I wouldn't buy a bra based on your size after the baby comes. My massive D's went down to a more comfortable B/C (was never officially measured, so I'm not 100% sure which it was) after my milk regulated itself. The Motherhood bra I bought had adjustable cups, so it worked out well.....until it fell apart. :LOL
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