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Has anyone else had any problem with closed-minded dentists? I just<br>
walked out of the office of a dentist who knows very little about<br>
breastfeeding but had no problem condemning those who do. She asked<br>
if my daughter (27 months) was still taking a bottle. I said<br>
absolutely not...she's still being breastfed. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin"> She said, "but<br>
she's TWO!". hehehe. I said, yes, she is. This dentist then began<br>
to let me know that my daughter's cavities are ABSOLUTELY being<br>
caused by the breastmilk, especially at night, and that I need to<br>
wean her "AT LEAST" at night, if not at all. This dentist knows<br>
nothing about how the breast works! Breastmilk doesn't pool inside<br>
the mouth...since milk doesn't come out unless my daughter is<br>
sucking...and if she's sucking, it goes right down her throat and<br>
never hits her front teeth. Her four front teeth seem to have<br> did the breastmilk cause those?! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="duh"> She also would not<br>
allow me to come with my daughter into the room and I HAD to stay out<br>
in the lobby and wait. My daughter is two...very clingy, very<br>
sensitive, painfully shy. AND we are going through a divorce. NOT<br>
THE TIME for needless and invasive separation! So, after refusing to<br>
wean my daughter and be separated from her....she looked at me like i<br>
was insane. So I walked out. I have to find another<br>
dentist who is nursing friendly. Does this exist?! This wonderful<br>
dentist made sure I knew that ALL doctors believed the way she does<br>
and that I'll "never find a dentist who will allow you in the same<br> undermines the dentist's authority." WOW...what ego!<br><br>
So tell me...anyone else having similar difficulties? How did you<br>
find dentists that I live in Surprise,<br>
AZ...Northwest Phoenix area. Anyone else out there who has a great<br>
dentist?! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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I have the greatest dentist ever! I adore him. I've known him forever and he's just amazing.<br><br>
First, when my DH switched jobs, my insurance didn't cover him so I went to someone else. I have healthy teeth and within two visits to this new person, I suddenly needed all this work. At the 2nd appointment, they told me I had a cavity between two of my front teeth. I freaked out and called my old dentist. Even though I wasn't seeing him at the time, he had me come in. He checked me and said "No Way - do not allow them to touch those teeth, they're fine." (And years later, they're still fine). He's very conservative in his approach. I rarely need any procedure or anything with him and if I do, he's conservative in his treatment.<br><br>
Anyway, our insurance changed and I'm back seeing him again and in fact, started taking my daughters to see him. He is wonderfully gentle with them and didn't give me any problems at all about the fact that my 4yo still took her binky. I talked to him about it and he said her teeth were fine and to not worry about it. But, when we went back 6 mo later, her teeth had shifted forward (and I was ready for her to be done with the binky) so the Dr. talked to her very gently about giving her binkies away. She did that day and has never looked back.<br><br>
Anyway, my Dr. is in Scottsdale which would be far for you but just in case, here is his info:<br>
Dr. Richard Mason<br>
7439 E Earll Dr<br>
Scottsdale, AZ 85251<br>
(480) 941-5674

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I take my 2 1/2 year old daugher to Dr. Heimann. Both my boyfriend and I are allowed to come into the room with our daughter, and she sits on my lap the whole time. My daughter is also painfully shy, and going to the dentist is really hard for her.. I couldn't imagine making her go in there by herself!! He is not really breastfeeding friendly though, unfortunately. I told him that weaning/night weaning was not an option and he dropped it. She had 8 cavaties the first time we brought her in at 12 months (4 on her front teeth, and one on each back molar) and he told us we should night ween. We didn't of course because I didn't think that was why she had cavaties. We took her back again a few months ago, and.. NO CAVATIES! We have been doing everything exactly the same. We're taking her in on Monday for a "positive visit" where they just look at her teeth, no cleaning or anything, and then she gets a prize. It's supposed to make them more comfortable I guess. Here is his information:<br><br>
William J Heimann - 602-864-1080<br>
1526 W Glendale Av Suite 103 , AZ<br><br>
We don't live in Glendale anymore, we live at 44th St. & Thunderbird, but we still make the drive up there because we like him.
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