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nursing in a wrap?

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So I've decided that with this baby, the Ella Roo wrap is the best carrier for our situation. I own a store, and I take Owen to the store with me in the afternoons, he naps, I'm doing things like putting stock away, etc., basically moving a lot, and the wrap keeps him nice and snug. However, if he wakes up and wants to nurse, I can't seem to nurse him w/o taking him out... he's a little too high to nurse... I don't want him too low for the sake of nursing. He's generally in the wrap for 3-4 hours at a time, he just likes to nurse here and there through his naps. In the Maya Wrap, I could just pop him on the breast as needed.

Owen is only 2 months old, but he already weighs 15 lbs, so I don't think I can do the cradle hold with him, I've got him the cross-carry position, chest-to-chest.

I checked out, and I was surprised to see no 'nursing in a wrap' section, or if it's there, I completely missed it.

Any advice/suggestions?

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I'm not sure where, but I know I've seen nursing in a wrap on there.

I nurse in fcc all the time. I either untie and lower dd down a bit and lift up my breast at the same time, or I tuck the ends instead of tying and lower her down.

It works great for me. I just retighten when she's done and she usually stays asleep. My dd is about 15-16 lb and almost 8 month, btw.
I spent the entire summer nursing my then 1yo, 26lb dd in a Storchenweige. It was great! We did a lot of travel and walking. I basically carried her all day and nursed when needed. She napped in it too. I just did belly to belly and moved her over to the side and a little lower. You might just have to experiment a bit. Every mama has a different shape and breast size so what works for one might not for the other. I might be lucky. My Storch is incredibly comfortable - I highly recommend one

www.thebabywearer. has a board devoted to wrappers only. I think it's called wrapper's paradise. They would most definitely have advice/links for you.
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This is the mamatoto page with the nursing links that I can never find:
(i have the worst time navigating that site.. oh well at least it's not just me..
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i have found that it is easiest when they are sitting - not cradled
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