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nursing in maya wrap

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Do you have to wear a nursing shirt to nurse discreetly with the maya wrap?
I don't have any nursing shirts, and I can't figure out how to pull up my shirt while my baby is in the sling. If I somehow manage to pull it up, it seems like my belly and side are exposed while nursing. Then, when I'm done nursing, I can't figure out how to pull my shirt down while keeping my baby in the sling.

So, am I missing something, or is it just not possible using a regular shirt?
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I was never a very successful sling nurser... have you tried using the tail of the Maya to keep you covered?
I can't discreetly nurse in a maya sling, either. I've tried using the tail and a 'screen', but Ilyas hates it! It seems he wants all the world to see his lovely boobies!

If anyone has any tips, I'd also like to hear them.

DD's head was not on the ring side, she was reclined in the pouch, cannot see a thing (didn't use the tail for privacy, if anything, that draws attention), couldn't even see that my shirt was lifted to nurse her b/c the bottom of the pouch came to the top of my waist. I've done it lots, in all sorts of public places, and I've never felt exposed. Have you tried looking at yourself in a mirror while you're doing it?

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If you do decide to purchase some nursing wear, I strongly recommend They have the nicest nursing clothes, with a great design so you can't even tell that they're nursing clothes!
I did not have any nursing shirts when I first started using the Maya Wrap when dd was 5 days old. Use the tail to cover your sides and tummy.
I gave up trying to be discreet ages ago. :LOL Seriously, I always had to use the tail of my Maya sling to cover properly. I now use the pouch more often and for some reason am able to be more discreet with it - not sure why.
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Ok, I guess I'll have to try it in front of the mirror. Maybe I'm more covered than I think.

But, I still can't seem to pull my shirt up and especially put it back down while baby is in the sling. She's pressed up against my body and my shirt--do I just need to practice? Do you kind of lift the baby up while rearranging your clothes?

I've done it lots, too, like waiting on customers, lol. Definitely have the babe's head on the opposite side from the rings. I never felt like I needed the tail to cover either, since the baby's head and the fabric around it covered my breast, but if I felt like my belly was showing, I would sometimes tuck just the top edge of the sling into the outer rail of the sling so it hund down in front of my belly. usually I did wear nursing shirts just because I obviously have them readily accessible. But a good alternative is a tank with an open button down shirt, or a camisole under a regular shirt. Hth!
Some of the newer nursingshirts come all the way down to the belly, I hate them. They are a 2 handed separate and pull up job. I have gotten these shirt up in a sling, but it is a challenge .

I guess the main issue is the belly showing. I use a lg sling with an open tail, I place the tail across the front of me and the baby rings side to opposite side tucking the tail around the the upper rail under my arm and wal-la my belly is covered.

If you don't have an open tailed sling, I suggest a blanket to accomplish the same thing. It's not covering the baby mind you b/c the sling itself already does that it's just to cover you.

best to you, love walking in wal-mart slinging and bfing my babes.
I nurse my babe in my MW using the football hold (she is kind of sitting up, legs tucked under my arm/along my left side, upper part of her body facing mine directly... hope that makes sense). Anyway, I use the tail to cover my belly, tucking it underneath the sling and spreading it out.

Re: lifting/pulling down my shirt... I bend slightly forward, so the sling with my baby in it swings away from my body. This gives me room to mess with my t-shirt and nursing bra.

Good luck!
A cheap alternative to a nursing shirt is to get a pack of men's white tank tops and you can slit holes to access your nursing bra. Just wear the tank underneath whatever shirt you are wearing. Since they are thin enough it does not add too much warmth in the summer. To pull your shirt back down I also just bend forward slightly so dd falls away from my body.
If you're going to do the layered thing, there are tons of stretchy camisoles with built in bra out there now that you can just pull down the top of to nurse while having your belly covered by it.
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