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Nursing in Public at a theme park

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Just wanted to say I did my little part of advocacy Saturday when I took my One year old DS to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA. He had an absolute blast and I nursed him everywhere! (Although he was mostly busy playing, walking, pushing his stroller, riding the rides) I nursed him through "beer school", in a crowded theater before and during the shows - right next to people (which I usually get nervous nursing him next to older men, but I didn't have a problem Saturday.) It was a lot better to see a nursing boy then to hear a screaming whining baby. All day though I didn't see anyone else NIP. (tons of bottles though, yes I know some could have EBM) I did run across a kid's area for changing diapers and for "nursing mothers" but I didn't go in to see what it was like but from the outside it looked really nice, and it wasn't like you HAD to nurse there, it was just provided if you wanted to. Then finally right as we were leaving, I saw a lady nursing her baby while sitting on a bench. I wanted to say something to her like "Great to see I'm not the only mom who will NIP here." But coward I am I said nothing. But I didn't get any looks and I never cover up and ds isn't a "baby" anymore so I was happy to be an advocate for NIP!
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Good for you!!!! Maybe if enough of us do it, more and more moms will think twice about it
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Very cool!! I nursed my son all over WDW back in December, well, everywhere except for the Nestle-sponsored 'mothers rooms'
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Good for you!!!

We also nurse frequently at an amusement park (Lake Compounce in CT). I've nursed on the carousel, the trolley, the train, on benches, walking around w/child in the sling ... and I have given out "thank you for nursing" cards to other Mamas I see nursing!
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