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Nursing issues with six month old

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Or not--I can't tell! I don't know enough about this point, because I never got this far with my first.
My ds, six and 1/2 months is doing pretty well. But lately he pushes away, and screams bloody murder when I try to nurse him. Other times, he latches on and goes to town with no problem.
I think he might be getting his first teeth--but there are no signs of them yet.
I haven't gotten AF yet (post partum), so I don't think there is a change in my milk.
I am dairy free and eat the same foods almost all the time (the ONLY processed man-made foods that I eat are oatmeal and rice milk). I usually eat fruit, veggies, chicken or fish, and almonds--but no peanuts or other types of nuts. I eat blueberries every day. I know reflux is not the problem--btdt with dd.

I can't tell if he is nursing often enough because he nurses SO quickly and then is done. I know that letdown seems to take forever.
He is eating some baby foods. Usually twice a day, and the amount is limited.
He has been the happiest baby--but lately he seems frustrated easily and it's harder to comfort him...and nursing used to do the trick--but not now!
Is there something wrong? Any ideas??

Would love to know how other six/seven month old babies are doing as far as how often/how long they are nursing and how much food they are consuming, just so that I know I am in the ballpark.
Thanks for any ideas in advance.
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My 7 month old acts like that alot of times. FIrst of all, he has a strong preference for bieng nursed to sleep wiht me laying in bed with him. Second, he is highly distractable, especially if dd is in the room. it is a MUST for him to see what she is doing. And also sometimes he does get frustrated when I am having a low day. He also has a side preference and while he will take the left side half the time, the other times when i really need him to take it, I have to get creative with positions for him to do so. Like laying on my right side and feeding him with the top breast. Or sometimes, but not really often he will eat sitting in my lap rather than laying. He also likes to have frequent snacks. The only time he really tanks up is when he is going to sleep.

As for how often, mine still nurses pretty often, but I am going very slowly with foods for him due to food allergies. He eats three days a week at the sitters while I work. And that is only because he does not take a bottle too well. The only food he really gets is applesauce. Pretty easy on the tummy. I think every child is different. Unless the change is sudden and drastic or he is unconsolable, he is most likely doing well.
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