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nursing, laying down at night... how?

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ds nurses on one side per feeding and we co-sleep. In the bed with us are also my dh and 3 yo dd. From left to right: dh, dd, me, ds. So the first feeding is no problem, I feed ds on the left side and keep him where he's at. The next feeding I physically move myself to the other side of him (I end up in his crib, which is attached as a sidecar), put a pillow between him and his wild sleeping sister so he doesn't get whacked accidentally and feed him on the right. This isn't that safe. How do other mom's do this? How do you alternate sides at night? Do you move, do you move the babe? Do you always put the babe back on the side away from the sibling? Not that I'm lazy, but I'm lazy and to move him seems to defeat the purpose of being able to lay down and nurse... it'll disrupt my sleep and sleep is very important.
Talk to me.
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I stay on one side the whole just kinda have to lean so the boob droops down into his mouth, LOL! I geuss that only works for big boobies though.
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I give him one side all "night" long so basically I give his last feed that I'm willing to sit up for around 11 p.m. on the right side, then all feeds from 11-4 on the left side. After that I'm willing to sit with him in my lap to feed.
I am only a C cup but can also feed from both sides while laying down. I just roll more towards my tummy and as the pp said, sort of drop the bb into her mouth. the bottom breast then is basically between me and the bed.
I hug DS, roll him onto my belly, then roll to the other side to nurse him. My boobs won't reach, and I don't want to smush either of them into the mattress (have had major plugged ducts with DD, and don't want to put pressure on them). I don't have DD in bed w/ me anymore, so I don't have advice for that. Pillow seems like a good idea though.
I have a body pillow that I fell in love with, with my first pregnancy. When I feed my dd on the side near ds I place the pillow between them
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I only nurse on one side all night, I don't fill up to much on the other side ither, I guess your body just gets used to it
We have the same sleeping arrangement as you do!
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