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***Nursing Mamas
• M Motherhood 100% cotton nursing nightgown. Long sleeve, blue flowers. Excellent condition $4
• M Take Nine % 100 cotton nursing nightgown. Long sleeve, blue and white stripes. Good condition except for a light stain on the right breast from let down. $4
• Motherwear red x-L 100% cotton nursing shirt $4

i will send you pictures if you're interested.


**water sling
fleece pants 18-24 mo
advocacy/political tshirts/tanks 2T or 18 mo
original artwork/animals/cool stuff t-shirts/tanks 2T or 18 mo
essential oils
hippy/casual skirts size 6 / small / med depending on item
lord of the rings stuff
**natural candles
natural hand/body lotion
**natural lip stuff
**natural sun lotion
wooden toys
dehydrator or anything having to do with raw food- books, ect
20-30# snap AIOs
diaper covers
**ask me!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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