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nursing mamas, a question

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Hey! Still nursing my son (three tomarrow!) and just noticed that I got my colostrum. Any one else got thiers yet, or know when they got it in another pregnancy?
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I don't think I have mine can you tell the it just color? I think my supply is basically gone but on occasion when my daughter pulls off I see liquid on the nipple.
I'm 19 weeks but it's all milk here!
I think I am making practically nothing. DD still nurses 3-4 times a day. Nursing has gotten REALLY annoying lately, though.
Well, I could hear my son swallowing every once in a while. He also has had diarrea lately. So I worked at squeezing something out and I got a drop from each and it was clear sticky fluid. Colostrum. That explains the diarrea.
I got milk! But with the last one, I definitely had colostrum by now-- I remember I was so fascinated by it, I wanted to squeeze it out all the time, and I was worried I would use it all up before the baby came! I looked in all my books and couldn't find anything mentioned about whether you could use it up, and called everyone I thought would know about it, but no real answers. A lot of worry for no reason!

that's my favorite thing about doing this again; I'm so much less uptight about everything!
My milk dried up by the time I was 6-7 weeks along (DS was 44 months old and nursing 1-2 times a day).
my milk dried up maybe 4 weeks ago or so. I never see a drop. She still dry nurses about 1-2 times a day for comfort. I never thought I"d tandem nurse but I will if she wants to.
I'm still nursing, but my milk dried up around 16 weeks I think. No milk or colostrum yet even though dd often asks me "where milk?"
I hope it's alright for a newbie to ask a question... does dry nursing feel different to the mama than wet nursing?

ETA: I hope my question sounds legit & not perverted or something... I'm 100% committed to BFing my baby & just trying to learn as much "real" stuff as I can from other mamas (going to my first LLL meeting on Wed!).
Hmm. Around the time I think my milk dried up, it kinda hurt to nurse, but now it feels pretty much the same as when I have milk.

Originally Posted by the_lissa
Hmm. Around the time I think my milk dried up, it kinda hurt to nurse, but now it feels pretty much the same as when I have milk.
I didn't feel any difference at all. My nipples got sore, but that was just from pregnancy, I think. I didn't have much milk by the time I got pregnant anyway, though.

BTW, that isn't a weird question at all. It is wonderful that you want to find out as much as you can!
I think it feels different BUT I chalk that up to my daughter's latch/nursing technique completely changing and that correlated to my milk drying up. She's latching with her teeth now...ugh. Now I have to tell her to open up and say ahhhhh to get her on correctly. Big fun in public, I'll tell you that.
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