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nursing mamas-how's your milk supply?

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Mine seems to be almost gone already. It seems like it decreased a lot almost a soon as I got pregnant. I'm trying to drink a lot of water, but in all honesty, I'm probably not getting enough.

My dd has also almost completely day weaned. She still nurses to sleep and on average 2 times a night. I don't know if this is due to the pregnancy or the fact that the weather is nice and we're not stuck in the house being bored. Oh, she's almost 20 months.

My goal was to get to two years and I don't see her giving up her nightime nursing anytime soon. Sometimes I think I would be relieved if she weaned soon. Other times it makes me so sad to think of this part of our relationship ending.

Anyway, just wondering how the rest of you were doing.
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Pretty good so far *knocks on wood* I noticed that my supply dipped when I wasn't drinking enough water. I bought a case of bottled water to grab when I'm on the go and I also have my water bottle to fill up at the house. I am making sure that I keep getting enough water.

Motherlove makes a tincture More Milk Plus Two Alcohol Free and it's specifically for pregnant, nursing mothers. I think I'm going to order some in just in case because DS is only 14 months and still exclusively nursing. Man, let me tell you, it's draining to be baking a baby and nursing a baby.
Well DD has officially let me know that "all the milky is gone from these boom-boos"
She's not happy. I on the other hand, seeing as how she's 30 months now, am kinda happy that I didn't have to wean her myself or tandem nurse. She has the type of personality that is very possessive and I think tandeming would have been a nightmare with her.

She still tries to nurse to sleep but alas even the last two nights she has given that up.
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I've upped the water a lot, because I was getting a bit worried. I am constantly sqeezing my nipples to see if I have milk coming out, hahaha
My supply seemed to dry up around the time I got my bfp, but then it came back up! I only nurse twice a day - nap time and bed time. DS is almost 22 months. Now the last couple days, he's not nursed for very long though, so he might be getting ready to wean. We'll see. I don't mind if he nurses a little longer, but I do want him to wean before baby comes. I just don't want to force him to wean.
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SO far, it seems good. But I can't really tell.

DD is 19 months, and not complaining, nor changing her nursing pattern much.
My supply is still the same. It didn't decrease until around 22 weeks last time, so it will be interesting to see what happens this time.
Man, I hope my supply doens't decrease, my guy is only 10 months old
i actually noticed a decrease in milk before i got a bfp
i noticed my little man (11mo) would only 'snack' during the day and only really nurse at night
what do you ladies plan on doing when/if your milk does dry up??
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I must be the oddball..... am I really pg? no it doesn't feel real... My only signs are my cervical placement, tiredness, a nice chart, and 3 hpts.

My milk is still quite plentiful- Gracie lets go and it sprays across the room.
What supply?

But seriously, ds has been really lessening his nursings since before I was pg last time (I m/c in Dec. at 9wks 3 days) and he really only goes for the left now and even then only for a few moments, mostly at bedtime, when he gets hurt, or when I'm on the puter. He's told me theres not much (if any
) milk but that 'me love me nurshees'. He sometimes asks for 'udder shide'
, but not often and not for long, but I'm hoping he keeps going
I tandemed him and his sister and hope to do it again
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So far so good!!!
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I think mine is going down. Dd has pretty much only been nursing in the morning and before bed. Plus, I'm so sore, it's killing me to nurse! I would really like her to wean before this baby comes and I think she will with a small amount of coaxing.
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