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~~**Nursing Mamas Trying to Concieve in April**~~

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Waiting to be Ready

naturegirl (Cheryl) 8.2.04 ds

Waiting to Catch the First PP Eggie!

Little Shepherds (Tanya), 15 ds, 13 dd, 11 ds, 7 dd, 6 ds, 4.5 mos ds
boheime (Mandy) 11/02 ds, 9/04 dd
Catrinel 6yo ds, 1yo dd
Blessed with boys (Jackie) 3 boys
mama2ashlynn (Laura) 1/10/05 dd

Waiting to O

Lissybug 4/8/05 ds
keeuum (Kim) 1/90 ds 1/02 ds 7/04 ds 3/05 ds
SharonAnne 6/05 dd
Yo Becca (Becca) 9/01/04 dd
debra lea (Debra)
zoomom, 16 mo
mom2wed (Kellie) dc 10/02
Jazzpurr88 (Jodie) 10/9/03 ds
PudnHead (Lara) 5/04 ds
pattyla (Patty) 1.16.04 dd
JunieMoon ds
Isaac'smama 8/30/04 ds
Emily12581 dd
Sara Ann (Sara) 5/27/03 ds 6/17/05 ds
Rozzie'sMa 12/6/04 dd
wantads dc 8mths
hapahaolegirl (Kristen)

: 2WW
Shalena 12-13-04 ds
Warrior mama 3/05 dc
MotheringHeart (Olivia) 2/02 dd 9/03 ds 5/05 dd
p1gg1e 7-04 dd
Adamsmama (Sasha) 3 yo ds, 12/04 ds
Kierdan'sMom (Kerri) 12.04 ds, 1.04 dd, 7.26.05 dd
UllaBulla (Keri) 4.4.05 ds
judahsmommy (Karen) 2.20.05 ds
akrab (Alison) 11.9.06 ds
Bennifer (Jen) 3/05 ds
MrsTC (Tresa) 10/9/05 ds
Monocyte (Kelli) 06/03 ds
Smetana (Sandy) 26-09-05 ds
Slingin'Momto4 (Julie) dd(9) ds(5) dd(4) ds(2) dd(1)

Our success stories!

Mandy (HerthElde) 15 month dd
Angie (Boobiemama) 13 month dd
Lexymama 35 month dd
Kristin (sunnylady303) 18 month dd
Melinda (OhMel) 31 month ds
WitchyMama2, 20 month DD
MuhajibahMama, 22 month child
Becky (EllasMummy) 20 month dd

Steph (Sleepymama) 28 month ds
Daniele (tomsgirl) 10/03/03 dd
Jessica (Mimi!) 05/08/03 ds m/c 8/05
Yvonne (yvonnemlv) 21 month ds
Karin (martinshockeymom) 8/12/02 ds

Lindsay (Talula fairie) 11/26/04 dd
bellee 17 mo dc

Jesi (norasmom) 8/3/03
Darci (dkenagy) 03/03/03 dd, 05/15/04 dd
Liam's Mom 26mo ds
Merrick 9/30/02 ds
Erin (dharmama) 6/19/04
Ksenia ds 10/03
Lauren (Unreal) 3/03

Mel (CountryMom2e) 14 month ds
K (Leakyboobs) 24 month ds 47 month ds
Nichole (doulanichole) 3-01 & 4-02 dds & 1-04 ds
Augustmom 8/03 dd
Jentilla 09/25/03 dd

Kathryn (seekermage) 3/22/00 dd, 11/24/03 dd
BundleFishMama 8/02/02 dd and 5/28/04 dd
Germaine (MrsHenderson) 4/14/04 ds
Jade2561, 16 mo

BooBerryParker 22 mo dd
MamaDee4 18 mo ds
Megan (mamameg) 12 mo dd (already 20 weeks pregnant!)
Teaghansmama 14 mo dd
Lady Bug 14 mo
Aydensmama 11/9/04 ds

Sailmom 16 m dd
Caroline 13y, 11y, & 19 month
Gabry ds 8/21/03, m/c's 6/05 and 10/05
Sarah (Pease) 11/04
Cindy (momRN) 4/22/04 dd
Jessica (mimi!) 5/03 ds, m/c 8/05

Cheryl (maciascl) ds 12/03
Caroline (cheesedreams) ds 12/14/03
BCmamaof5 10,7,5,3
Nay (AntoninBeGonin)

Nosebite 4/04 ds
Sarita (Saritasmile) 11-02-02 ds
Chrissy 11/14/01 ds & 10/1/04 dd
Kathryn, dd 6/18/04
Amy (AMB8301) 1/06/03 dd
Catgirl1007 10-8-04 dd

kochanyk 13 month old ds, m/c 12-05
Genevieve (gen here) 2-05 ds
Erika (erikanorth) 12/03 ds
Paxye 4/16/02 ds, 9/2/04 ds
Susan (riversong) 5/04 dd
Kristen (Kristeremy) 2/04 dd
Meg (midwestmeg) 9/1/04 dd

LizaBear 8-02 and 8-04
wrzos (Heather) 10/4/04 ds
nicklepic (Nicole) dd 2 1/2
Willzmama 4/2/03 ds
JaneyHD 1-15-05 dd
autumn_faune (Sarah) 11/04 dd
Patricia1 ds
raversangel ds 6/3/01 ds 5/12/05
pjs 3.5y and 15 m ds
risen joy (Ellie) 8/23/05 ds
tempestjewel (Naomi) 12/21/03 dd
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Ladies, here is the thread for April!! Hopefully we'll have lots and lots of BFPs this month! If you are missing from the list, let me know and I'll put you back on! I did take off those who didn't post at all last month. (I'm a bit flaky lately, so I may have inadvertantly taken you off the list. Please forgive me.) If you want to be back on, let me know.

I'm still stuck in the eternal 2ww. No sign of AF, just lots of crampiness and crankiness. I did pos this morning and it was a BFN. Oh well. Hopefully this is the month for me!
MOthering Heart! Hope it is the month!

: I test in the AM (12dpo) and really think this is the month
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Been TTC for 8 months now, on this thread since October.

The last few months I have been so depressed and felt like TTC was an exercise in futility.

Right now I'm feeling cautiously optimistic, though. Probably because of some strange things in the last two days- also because we managed to BD mere hours prior to O.

But my strange things are:
1- light spotting
2- feeling hungry and queasy at the same time (I never feel that way)
3- having a smell... but not the same smell as AF on the way smell if YKWIM
4- finding myself thinking, out of the blue: "oh, I'm going to enjoy this pregnancy" -- last time when I had a sudden thought like that, the spotting came right after (same) and it was implantation.
5- Vanished cervix. Not really vanished, but for the last 8 cycles since I have been checking it, it is always easily in reach. The same time as that thought and the spotting, it pulled itself deep up into my body, and now is incredibly hard to reach. It's still elongated and firm and closed- just tucked away.

Not sure if they mean anything, or if I'm just getting my hopes up- but I think I'm going to relish having my hopes up again, even if they come to naught!

ETA-- i'm only 6 dpo when all of this- suddenly. Isn't that a smidge early for implantation? (see, now I'm trying to get my hopes back down
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I can't believe how happy and surprised I was to see AF. I didn't have any of the usual indicators that she was coming, but she's here. In full force.

I have been playing around with herbs and seeing an acupunturist to encourage her to come back. My son turned 2 yesterday and I dramatically cut back on nursing a few months ago. Yeah, now I can start using my fertility monitor!

So...I am happy to say I can move into "Waiting to O".

I'm now on cd 3. AF is really kicking my butt this month. Every cycle it is worse and worse. Not happy about that. I started false unicorn root yesterday. Anyone have any experience with that? I tried vitex before but it kept me from O'ing after a couple of cycles so I don't want to try that again.

Good luck to everyone.
I hope this is the month for most of us!

I feel so conflicted. I want to nurse Julian until he is two and beyond (he is 15 months now). My fear is that I'll get pregnant and lose my milk within in 11 weeks. I am sure you have heard this before, or some of you may feel the same way. Do you have any advice? How can I boost my supply enough that I won't lose it during pregnancy? I know there is a book out there that has alot of information on these things, but I don't know the title. Anyone?

Also, we have been forced to put our family business up for sale.
DH and I have been putting more money into it the last 3 years then its been making and we aren't breaking even. Its been a very difficult decision, as our store has been around for 31 years. So, trying to get pregnant feels selfish on some levels as I don't know how we can afford the birth. I am looking at it positively, but there is a lot of worry. DH bought the business from his dad straight out of high school, so never went to college. He is smart when it comes to computer things (programming, etc) but isn't certified in anything. He's going to start working on that, but it doesn't guarantee him a job anywhere.

Well, I didn't mean to be such a downer!

As far as my cycle (cd 17) goes, I have alot of EWCM right now, so we BD'd last night. Compared to last cycle, if I am O'ing its earlier, so I'm not sure if this is the real thing. (Last cycle I O'd on CD 27)
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Shalena that really stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could you guys maybe re-invent the business or expand into other areas. It just seems so sad to be giving it up.

As for myu cycle, I am losing it. I am on CD 20, no EWCM yet. I had creamy yesterday thought today would be the day but now I am sticky. My temp is above coverline, but I just bought a new and better thermometer so that kind of makes my temp null and void. It's just so weird to me, but cool to be aware of all these things in my body. Shalena you O'd on CD 27, so that gives me hope.
Jumping in to subscribe!

Hello ladies, we arrived back from Thailand last night. AF showed while I was there
: after only a 6 day luteal phase AGAIN
: DD only nursed twice a day the ENTIRE month so I really thought I'd at least have a longer luteal phase, but no such luck. I was so bummed in Thailand that I let DD nurse a little more then usual but now that we are home we are going back down to twice a day. If there is no improvement this month I don't know what I'll do besides cry
B vitamins don't make any difference. Vitex didn't help out at all (took it for the last 3 months).

This is month 18 of TTC.
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Kierdan'sMom - Thanks for the words of encouragment. I hope this is the month too! I hope that your test goes well, let us know!

autumn_faune - Ooooh all those things sound hopeful! I am sure it must be really hard to have been trying so long. I think you have every right to feel cautiously optimistic!

debra_lea - Here's hoping you catch that eggie! That's awesome that acupuncture worked so well for you. Send some AF vibes my way (never thought I'd be saying that....)

Pattyla - How is AF getting worse? Harder cramping? More bleeding? Did you have those kind of problems before you concieved the last time? Anyway, hope it goes by fast and you can catch the eggie!

Shalena - I got pregnant the last two times while I was still nursing lots and lots. Unfortunately, my milk did go away and my dcs each weaned at around 15mths. I don't really have any words of advice, I just wanted you to know that it's okay to be conflicted and if you go to the breastfeeding boards, they've got lots of great advice about continuing to nurse even if your milk supply dwindles during pregnancy. Sorry about the business, too. As if it isn't hard enough to TTC while nursing, adding that stress surely doesn't help! Good luck sorting it all out.

rozzie'sma - Isn't it amazing what we can learn about our bodies? TTC sure does give us a chance to get connected with all those workings. Frustrating for sure, but at least interesting.

tempestjewel - Sending lots and lots of baby vibes your way. 18mths is a long time, you are amazing. I'd be so down in the dumps, there's no way I'd be talking to ANYONE about TTC. Glad you are home safely from Thailand!
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MotheringHeart - thanks for putting me on the list. However, I have 1 change. I have a DS not a DD. Thanks.

Here is an update on me. Last week I got my first PPAF. My son will be two in almost 1 month, so I went almost 23 months without it. I'm kind of interested to see what my body is doing. I had some problems getting pregnant with Cory, so I kind of expect to be on this thread for a while. I hope I will O - I guess we will see.

Good luck to everyone & hope we get a lot of BFP!!!!!
I know I haven't been very active, but my info is on the opening post here, so I guess I'm not totally forgotten

I do have a small update.

Very small.

Only a few cells big in fact.

But growing.


And *hoping* for a December debut.
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WooHoo LizaBear!!!! Congrats!

Shalena- I know what you mean...DS is only 9 days older than your DS and I worry that if I am in fact pg, I will lose my milk, but he's attached enough that I think he might even dry nurse until the babe is born and then continue once my milk comes in...I really want to tandem! Sorry about the business, that's rough!

PudnHead: Here's some
now that you have AF back!

Rozzie'sma and Tempest: hugs for you both and lots of

As for me, no positive test, but a couple faint faint lines and some way dark OPK test lines (def. darker than the control line) not sure what that's about, but I feel pg and have several sxs, and AF is due tomorrow so we'll see
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Can I join in?

I'm nursing my DS who is 31 months. He still nurses at night so I am not temping. I've kept track of the last 6 periods and they have all been 26-27 days religiously. I am now on day 30 with no sign of AF, yet I tested last night and it was negative! I'm wondering if I ovulated late and the test just isn't showing pregnancy yet or if I'm just late. I have never been late other than my pregnancy with my son!

This is our first month TTC.
OMG! Right after I posted this AF started. Crazy! 2 days late.

I did have suspicions that I ovulated 2 days late because of the pains I usually feel.
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Junie'sMom *hug* I totally understand that feeling. Hope next month works!
Mothering heart- AF getting worse means more cramping, heavier flow, feeling worn out and lousy. I have endo and so this isn't new to me but it hasn't been this bad since before I conceived dd. I had surgery in '01 but it was a very bad experience and I don't want to repeat it if I can at all avoid it.

Lizabear- Congratulations!!!

Juniemoon- Do you chart? My cycles are never regular and if I didn't chart I would always be thinking I was pg or wondering why af came so early. Sorry af showed.

Kierdan's mom- I have always heard that a line is a line. I think congratulations are in order for you. My first bfp with dd was super, super faint but I called the whole family that day.
Of course I did get a super faint one on an ept when I first started ttc this time and it wasn't a true line (but I did call some people and tell them before I knew, including my m/w
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Hi Patty,

Chart as in chart my cycle or as in temp? I use to chart my cycle. Like I said in my previous post I have charted for the last 6 months and my cycles have been 26-27 days long with never anything different. I've always had a very regular cycle and can feel when I'm ovulating by the pain in the ovary area. This cycle AF came on day 30, which is 2-3 days later than the past 6 months so I was hoping! We dtd A LOT during my fertile time. I guess this just wasn't our month.

I don't temp because my son still nurses during the night and because I'm too lazy.
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Originally Posted by LizaBear
I do have a small update.

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