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Nursing mamas ttc- Help!!

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My son just turned 1, and I've have had four normal, regular cycles, then this month- nothing. My period is a week late. I have had some cramping on and off, but no real sign of AF. I took a test 3 days ago, bfn.

I am nursing during the day (he has been sttn for a while now). The only change this month was that on cd19 I had mastitis, so I pumped 2x. But...would that have raised prolactin levels enough to affect ovulation? That seems late to be ovulating, so... not sure if I should spend more money on hpt's, or if cycles come and go for a while if you're nursing.

Any wisdom would be appreciated!! Thanks!
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I've had regular cycles since DD was 6 months. It seems to be different for everyone. I know nothing about prolactin levels, sorry.
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