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So in the process of doing my CD-ing "research" online (getting nowhere, totally overwhelmed...), i realized there are these great tanks that i think i NEED.

Does anyone have experience with buying nursing/maternity bras/tanks? I definitely need something new ASAP b/c what i have is not fitting me....but i don't know if i'm going to continue getting huger (is it possible??
), or if it's a good investment. Anyone already stepped up to some alternative they can recommend? I really think these tanks look good, but i'm also kind of not judging things too well right now. I just feel like buying SOMETHING to make things easier these days.....


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I've heard WONDERFUL things about Glamourmom tanks and clothes. Here's their main site if you haven't seen it

So, Target sells a tank with almost identical design for MUCH cheaper in white/black and I think gray. It was very nice to have a couple for PostPartum and beyond.

They both tend to run a bit small though, FYI. And, the nursing clasp is very visable on both. Which, personally I don't like to broadcast, I NURSE unless I'm actually nursing or advocating!

Also, I don't really believe they are as discrete as described. You practically have to pop your breast out of the tank to nurse. Here's a better idea of really how much you have to show When I nurse in public in my tank, I usually will wear another unbuttoned shirt or sweater overtop for more coverage. For really discrete nursing, I LOVE the doubler layer style nursing tops. It looks just like a regular top, but then it has two hemmed layers. You lift up one layer to reveal the nursing openings while the bottom layer covers everything. Like this

Ok, so the other drawback for nursing clothes, I'm not THAT tall, but a lot of them just aren't long enough for me! It's like only petite women model for nursing clothes or something! :LOL

Other great nursing clothes sites: (runs big like for immediately postpartum, so size down if you want to wear it longer, but they have the BEST quality & customer service by FAR!!!)

Random Products:
My FAVORITE flattering nursing night gown... I feel like a goddess in this bad boy!!!
My pick for a truly discrete tanks:
Holiday Top pick
Holiday Dress pick
The one maternity/nursing dress I've seen:

Ok... it's now 6am. I really should return to bed before everyone gets up!

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I have several of the target tanks, and I love how easy the clasp is. Truly one hand.

I have a mimi maternity one in pink that is the softest cotton and so comfy
but harder to close and the holes are not as well placed. It doesn't bother me enough to keep me from wearing it almost every day.

I have never tried the glamourmom ones. The $28 I spent on the mimi one felt like a lot considering the target ones are often on sale for about $15!

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Okay, I just have to chip in here and say that I HATED the Glamourmom top that I bought.

I was really excited to find it! But, for me, the elastic was much too tight around my ribcage (getting a bigger size would have meant that the bra area would have been too big too). And I found the clasps annoying. Also, although this is probably a feature of many nursing bras, I didn't like the way that the fabric framed my breasts after the top was opened; I felt like they didn't offer enough coverage to be useful (ie for nursing at a sidewalk restaurant, but still made me feel like my nipples were somehow being showcased in this funny little collar!

Now for my disclaimer, I am not a fan of nursing bras in general and also have not tried using many different kinds. Before nursing I was a B cup, so I am certainly not on the larger side of things. However, I certainly cannot do without a bra or other significant support.

So, for others who are on the smaller side like me you might consider my serious and constant outfit for the past 2 years of nursing: a standard tank with a built-in band bra (is that what they are called?). Usually with a T-shirt over that. To nurse, you pull up the t-shirt and pull down the tank. Simple, easy, fast. It conceals your belly too. I really haven't figured out why more new moms don't do this. The best tanks for this purpose that I found were from Express. I have about 10 of them on sale too! Also, they are good for nursing at night when your baby gets to that awful twiddling stage. You can easily hide the other breast under the tank so s/he can't get her little hands on it!

Now that I am pregnant with a growing belly, those tanks are too short for me. So I bought some very similar ones at Mimi Maternity. I bet they are available elsewhere too. They look just like the GlamourMom ones but there is no clasp.
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