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Nursing on the go - nowhere to sit - SCREAMING!

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DS, 38lbs, can't WAIT to nurse and there is nowhere to sit...

We are urban pedestrians and for long walks I use a stroller (my car).
Ds will often ask to nurse during our walks, and I tell ds that we need to find a place to sit in order to nurse, but he has a hard time accepting that. He's too heavy to hold in my arms to nurse - even with the sling (although I do sling him often for shorter walks, when he doesn't want to walk himself).

Aaack! What do I do when he is just beside himself??? I don't want to sit on the sidewalk - covered with dog pee pee.

And the screaming is really starting to get to me. I keep stopping to try to calm him down, but it only gets worse. And if I just ignore him I feel like I am abusing him (or, at least, the looks from other people make me feel that way!).

I tell him to help me look for a place to sit, and that I'll nurse him as soon as we find a seat or as soon as we get home. I can't just go into any cafe, bc I can't always afford to be a paying customer. This usually happens when I'm on a street with no cafes, anyway...
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My dd does that too! Its tough to hear her whine and cry for the boob. She calls out (when I am on the car) from the chariot boooody, mama I need the boooooody. Boy the looks I get!

She is starting to understand that there are better places to nurse and she actually is starting to point them out.

How about here mama, by the river, she will say.

Its too cute...its just hard to have her understand that I do not want to nurse her by the guys drinking from a sack!
Hmm, could you take some kind of fold-up portable chair with you? Maybe strap it on the stroller... Or I know Target and Wal-Mart have lawn chairs with backpack straps on them, so you could carry it on your back! Just set up shop wherever you might be! :LOL I don't know how old he is, but as my daughter got older she was more understanding of having to wait, and also more helpful about finding a good place to sit.
I was going to suggest walking and nursing him, but then saw how much he weighs. You have a big boy!
And I understand he's a bit young to be distracted for very long.

I would second the camp chair. They even make little backless stools that fold up smaller than a normal camp chair. You might find one at a camping store or Sportmart.

Or, are there any stores/restaurants on your walks that you could stop in to nurse for a moment or two?

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How old is your 38 lber? He sounds spirited! If he is 2 1/2-3 yrs old, he needs lots of lessons in waiting and patience. This can take tons of repetition. BTDT, believe me.

Is he very impatient about other things as well, or just the nursing?

I do not necc agree with the other posters about the folding chair.

I suggest this. Practice the waiting game. When at home, do not drop eveything to nurse him every time. Start negotiating nursing (almost) all the time. He needs to learn nursing manners. I would insist on polite asking, with "please." Nursing toddlers need to learn nursing is negotiable, and that the world does not revolve around them and their desire to nurse.

At home or when out, are you making sure to head his hunger/thirst off at the pass by offering drinks and snacks before he asks to nurse?


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Thanks everyone! I do have a spirited child. I've read MYNT and HWH, and am expecting to get a copy of RYSC in a week. The HTTSKWLALSKWT book is now on my reading list as well.

He can be very impatient, but is also very good at please and thank you. He's started to show more impatience lately, tho. Like whipping his arms around and yellow "no" or "it's mine" or "my turn". He knows that hitting is never an option and never acceptable -we've been working on that.

So I guess I do have to work more on the waiting game. But one thing that I am a little worried about is that I would like to do CLW, and I don't want to inadvertantly promote weaning too much bc I don't feel like nursing at different times, or bc it is too inconvenient to nurse, or bc I am in the middle of something.

On the other hand, maybe this is not weaning him, but just the way life goes as a child gets older. Maybe it is part of the natural weaning CLW process. Well... that is a subject for another thread I guess!

p.s. I can't see myself getting a chair and lugging that around on our long walks, but it is a good idea in theory, and might work in some situations.
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