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Nursing & pg & milk drying up

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So, that's my situation. I'm technically tandem nursing, but my 4 yo doesn't nurse much, once a day on average. It's my toddler I'm wondering about. She is 19 months and, until now, has been getting most of her liquid from the breast. I can tell I'm starting to dry up already (I've nursed through 2 other pgs and milk was gone by the second tri) and I'm worried she's not drinking enough. Part of the problem is I only give her water in a cup. She will take one sip and decide that dumping it out and splashing in it (I only give a little at a time) is more fun. I give her water frequently through the day, but I still think she's not getting much. So I decided to get a sippy cup. I'm not crazy about them. The one I bought was simple, the cheapest one there, and it was labeled for beginners. I tried it out first. You have to tio it back and suck pretty hard to get any water. Dd seemed to enjoy it once I showed her to tip it back. She climbed into my lap with it to nurse, and went back and forth between the breast and the sippy cup (somethimes trying to do both at the same time). Afer a bit she was done with the water -- she drank maaaaaybe 1/4 cup, probably closer to 1/8 cup -- and nursed to sleep. I'm wondering if having to suck on the sippy cup can cause nipple confusion? I don't want her to wean because of my interference. I'm also worried that she will give up on it because it is too much effort. I was thinking of getting one with a straw instead, but I wasn't sure which would be better.
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I use the nuby sippy cups for my dd because she doesn't have to suck to get anything out. She can gently gnaw on it and the water just goes into her mouth. They haven't changed how she nurses at all.
I'll look into that, it sounds good. I found a smaller rubbermaid drinking box in our cupboard. When I gave it to her, she drank and drank and drank. You do have to suck on it, it's like a straw, but it's much easier to get the water out than from the sippy cup.
We use straw cups and have been really happy with them. We started with a sippy cup, but dd didn't "get" the whole tilting thing. (She can drink from a sippy without a problem now, at 16 months, but we use the straw cups most of the time.)
I agree that a straw might be easier for your dd. I introduced a straw sippy cup at around 1 year and it didn't cause any nipple confusion. She definately perferred nursing, but would drink a considerable amount if I had to leave her and she was playing outside over the summer. Good luck!
I'm where you're at! My dd is about the same age and also is into taking a drink and then dumping! I'm not going back to sippy cups and I'm sorry I ever bought any! We used 'em for awhile around a year..... So I've been doing the water bottle thing with my dd. It seems to work better and the Sigg water bottles have a very nice top.

I also want my dd to be able to get liquids from something other than me; my milk supply seems to be okay at this point, but I kinda worry about it changing.

HTH! Meg
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She's doing really well with the straw water bottle thing, although she has discovered what fun it is to suck up a mouthful and then not close her mouth so it all dribbles out on her shirt
but she's still getting a lot of liquid from them. I think it's helping her. My supply isn't gone yet, but I did want to be prepared.
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